We Eat Like An Athlete For A Day With Karan Sawhney

By Mumbai Foodie August 30, 2018
Karan Sawhney Biting Into That Delish Slice Of His Pepperoni Pizza!

Have you ever watched a football game and wondered what those guys eat? They run for miles and miles, while rocking a six pack. How is it possible! We at Mumbai Foodie met with professional footballer, and all-round awesome boy, Karan Sawhney, to find out what goes into an athlete’s diet plan. Spoiler alert: this list includes pepperoni pizza.

A pro footballer is what peak fitness looks like. How else would you sustain 90 minutes of breathless action – sprinting, passing, shooting, tackling, and as Neymar showed us recently, rolling in the grass? We spent some time with Karan who is a striker with the Kerala Blasters to find out what he eats, to look and play the way he does.

Cappuccino with Almond Milk @ Blue Tokai, Bandra

Spotting the killer pass, finding the top corner of the goal, and seeking out an alternative for milk; Karan’s adept at them all. The man avoids dairy products as much as possible but is a big coffee fan so he’s found the perfect solution. Blue Tokai is one of India’s fastest growing roasteries and coffee shops and we love that they offer vegan alternatives.

Avocado Punch with Norwegian Salmon and The Power Bowl @ Sequel, Bandra

If you Zomato this lovely little place in Pali Hill, their cuisine reads “Healthy Food”. We’re not certain if that’s exactly a cuisine, but Karan tells us it’s a winner. Sequel is his favourite place to go to when he’s in the mood for some clean eating as many of the dishes are here raw, sugar-free, gluten-free. Perhaps the chance of bumping into him is enough to justify food that is this healthy!

Shrimp, Quinoa & Kale Salad @ Bombay Salad Co., Bandra

For all of us who dreamt of being chefs at some point in our lives, this place gives us a chance to fulfil those dreams (sort of). Tick off salad ingredients in a list to come up with your own culinary masterpiece and channel those Masterchef vibes. Karan was swift at marking his zones as he prepared his protein-rich salad. Healthy has never been this tasty!

Salmon Sushi @ Shizusan, Lower Parel

If there’s three things Karan’s passionate about, it’s football, fitness, and salmon. The man’s choice of meat is seafood, and choice of restaurant would be the Asian hole in the wall, Shizusan at High Street Phoenix. Many try to get this cuisine right, but Karan dodged past the obstacles and found the target with this gem serving authentic Oriental food. That sushi by the way – su good!

Pepperoni Pizza and Hazelnut Tart @ Indigo Deli

After putting in hours and hours of work, following a strict diet plan, you do deserve a cheat meal. And Karan makes sure that he does justice to it. The striker struck gold as he called for the Pepperoni Pizza here. Few feelings compare to that of scoring a goal, but this divine pizza sure came real close. And then we caught Sawhney offside with the delish Hazelnut Tart. The immaculate texture and richness of this dessert left us at a loss for words, and hence we’re ending this list right here.

Well folks, there you have it – an athlete’s food journey around Mumbai. Are you planning to hit those #FitnessGoals by visiting these venues around town? Disclaimer: Heading to that fifth place exclusively may not help you reach those targets. Just saying.

Written By Fatema Lakdawala.