La Folie Goes Through A Chocolate Makeover

By Mallika Dabke November 29, 2017
It's a Chocolate party at La Folie, Kalaghoda!

We have personally always wanted to experience a chocolatier like in the movie Chocolat. The films lead, Vianne, makes us believe in a magical power withheld within the interestingly flavoured and shaped pieces of chocolate. It’s been so long since we have been shackled by the chains of mass produced chocolate, that most of us in the city have not experienced Chocolate, as a flavour or ingredient in it’s best possible version.

Thanks to Chef Sanjana Patel of La Folie Patisserie, we’re going to be getting a #ChocolateEducation!

Absolutely do not miss out on her revamped Kalaghoda outlet, that isn’t just a patisserie anymore. Transformed into La Folie Du Chocolat, Bombay’s expert French Pastry Chef has set up this chocolatier that is inspired by fine art, design, and the chef’s travel experiences.

We love La Folie for taking on the task of raising the bar of French pastry cooking in India, and they have so tirelessly been working hard to break stereotypes, open palates and make new experiences happen.

A chocolate gift box, just in case you're confused about an ideal birthday gift.

A chocolate gift box, just in case you’re confused about an ideal birthday gift.

The chocolates they work with are sourced from all over the world, to range from intense dark chocolates, to aromatic milk chocolate ganache.

Another great addition, is their selection of teas, coffees and hot-chocolates freshly brewed by Koinonia Coffee Roasters to compliment the chocolate selection, and to elevate the chocolate experience.

When we went to visit, Chef did an experiment with us, where we paired flavours like strawberry, lemon, passionfruit and more, with different kinds of chocolates from around the world. Their menu really reflects all the knowledge and inspiration that drives the wizards behind the counter.

We’re loving this chocolate celebration! Bonbons, here we come.