Inside Madras Diaries, Bandra | New Opening

By Sama Ankolkar February 16, 2018
Madras Diaries, Bandra, Interiors

After having a slight OD of all the international cuisine that has been making the rounds of the city, we decided to do brunch South Indian style at the very cute Madras Diaries in Bandra.

With an endearing ambience comprising of wooden tables and conventional chairs with a bright back drop, the outdoor seating is really quite inviting for a breakfast indulgence. Artwork with elephant motifs, sunny colors that paint the walls in the air-conditioned space inside, truly add a sense of the colloquial Southern regions of India to this compact space.

While we found the chutney platter of coriander, coconut and tomato interesting to add with specific dishes, we didn’t really need it with the Cheese Chilli Jalapeno Idlis in Masala Fondue. Deep fried mini idlis with a hint of jalapeno along with a cheesy fondue to dip in were quite a pleasant surprise to raising eyebrows. The Idly Wedges tossed in spices were also great snack material. Moving on to the more conventional Tahttu Idli, it was found to be a flat version as compared to fluffy idli that was expected, topped with a spiced podi.

Cheese Chilli Jalepeno Idli in Masala Fondue

Cheese Chilli Jalepeno Idli in Masala Fondue

The sambhar at Madras Diaries is preferred over the chutney served with the dishes, as they do lack a kick you like to feel when digging into a South Indian meal. We also had the Ghee Roast Dosa which, if you prefer your dosa crisp, this would probably be a win for you. The Rassam Shots comprising of tomato, pepper, coriander and coconut were warm and comforting, but lacked the benchmark of the ingredients blending with rassam effortlessly instead of being tossed together. We also tried the Jalapeno Cheese Dosa and wished there was a little bit more of some melted cheese in there. However, the lychee payassam was sweet, gentle end to our meal.

Cheese Chilli Jalepeno Idli in Masala Fondue

Dosa from Madras Diaries, Bandra

Madras Diaries is a cute eatery in Bandra to get your fix of South Indian podi, however, if you relish your South Indian with fervor, then you might be picky about what you order there. Surprisingly, it’s the unconventional dishes like the Broccoli Vada and Idly wedges that win us over instead of the traditional dishes. So, if you are open to experimenting with the traditional flavors of South India, then head there and flip to the Madras Diaries’ Specials and enjoy what they have to offer with a tall glass of the Kokum Cooler or some Filter Coffee.

Authentic Filter Coffee, Madras Diaries

Authentic Filter Coffee FTW!