Where To Get Your Mango Fix| MF Guide

By Nidhi Mehra May 9, 2018
'Tis The Mango Season! YASS!

Summer’s back and so are our favourite fruit- mangoes. The best part, actually the only good part about summers, has to be gorging on those delicious, juicy mangoes. Having grown up in Bombay, we’ve enjoyed mangoes in every form imaginable, or so we thought! We’ve discovered that there are more ways than we thought to eat the king of fruits. Here is our list of where to get the most unique, and delicious mango dishes in Mumbai:

1). Garde Manger

Vile Parle

This health bar serves nutritious and delicious vegetarian food. As a tribute to mangoes, they have introduced an all new menu that features mango inspired soups, salads, smoothies, popsicles and desserts to help you beat the heat.

Try out their mango coolers like the Mango Basil Smoothie and Aam Panna that will cool you down in this sweltering heat. If you are in the mood for a healthy meal then we suggest the Thai Mango Chilli Soup and the Spices Raw Mango Salad, Summer Mango Sprout Salad or Mango and Avocado Salad. Choose from the oh-so icy Fresh Mango Popsicle and Aam Panna Popsicle. For dessert, you can’t miss their Vegan Mango Panna Cotta.

Fresh Mango Popsicle

Fresh Mango Popsicle

2). Coffee By Dibella

All Outlets

Known for its waffles and delicious freakshakes, head here for The Ultimate Mango Festival! They have curated a special menu filled with drool-worthy options like Mango Oreo Sundae, Fresh Mango Milkshake, Minty Mango Slush, Mango Nutella Waffles and more!

Mango Oreo Sundae

Mango Oreo Sundae

3). Farmer’s Cafe


A fitness freak’s dream, Farmer’s Cafe serves healthy dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. If you are on a keto diet, gluten-free or vegan; Farmer’s Café has tons of options that you will love.

To make things even sweeter, try their organic mango based treats like the sugar-free Mango Chocolate Cake made with fresh mangoes, dark chocolate and sweetened with organic jaggery. Don’t miss the Mango Dark Chocolate Trifle made with almond flour, the Vegan Mango Tapioca Pudding made with homemade coconut milk and lastly the sugar-free Mango Coconut Muffins.

Mango Dark Chocolate Trifle

Mango Dark Chocolate Trifle

4). Yauatcha

BandraKurla Complex

Yauatcha is, without a doubt, one of our favourite Asian restaurants in Mumbai. Reason being, their delectable array of dim sums, their authentic cuisine and their lip-smacking desserts. Head here for a unique gastronomical experience and try out their special mango Tropical Dome dessert.Shaped like a dome, this dessert has a mango glaze made with passion fruit and white chocolate mousse. Stuffed with fresh mango pulp along with a coconut dacquoise it’s served with a pina colada sorbet and passion fruit for a complete tropical experience.

Tropical Dome

Tropical Dome

5). British Brewing Company

Oberoi Mall, Sakinaka, Palladium Mall, Viviana Mall, Inorbit Mall, Xperia Mall

This British themed, trendy bar has an eclectic vibe and serves generous portions of your favourite comfort pub food.

They have curated a special mango menu which is available all season long. The menu boasts mains like Margherita Mango Pizza, Tangy Alfredo Mango Pasta and Thai Mango Salad. Pair your meal with heady cocktails like the Spiked Mango Michelada, a tequila blended drink with mango puree topped with a bottle of beer. If beer is not your thing, get their Mango Margarita with fresh mango muddled with tequila and lime juice shaken. End your meal on a sweet note with the Mango Baked Cheesecake or dig into the Mango Blossom, a fresh mango chocolate cup infused with mascarpone and a crunchy biscuit base.

Mango Margherita Pizza

Mango Margherita Pizza

P.S.- They also have a Mango Milkshake, Mango Virgin Mojito and a refreshing Mango Blast juice for non-drinkers.

6). Deliciae Patisserie


This cosy patisserie by Chef Bunty Mahajan serves a delectable array of meringues, cakes, tarts, macaroons and more.

Visit Deliciae for mango-based desserts like Mango Tart, Mango Short Cake, Mango Kiwi Short Cake, Mango Rich Chocolate Cake, Mango Macaroons, Mango Mousse Cake, Mango Meringue , Mango Mousse Rhapsody and their Mango Gateau Cake. We are super excited to try these out, how about you?

7). The Pantry


This cutesy little cafe with vintage decor is all about salads and has an all-day breakfast.

Get your mango-fix here with their seasonal specials like their Fresh Mango, Cinnamon and Chia Smoothie, Vegan Mango, Papaya and Chia Smoothie bowl which is made in homemade coconut milk, or try their Summer Vegan Salad made with kale leaves, jowar, fresh pomelo, fresh mangoes, lotus seeds and homemade cashew cheese.

P.S.- Their Raw Mango Ice Tea is super refreshing and a great drink to grab when you’re on the go.

Fresh Mango, Cinnamon And Chia Smoothie

Fresh Mango, Cinnamon And Chia Smoothie

8). Keiba


Get upscale Asian food here with a selection of succulent dim sums, sushi, and great Thai pancakes.

They have added a Mango Sticky Rice dessert to their menu as a summer special. Made using a Thai mango variety called KoRong or dwarf mango which is a sweet and tangy mango mixed with sticky rice, this dessert has a creamy texture and tastes amazing.

Mango Sticky Rice

Mango Sticky Rice

9).Love And Cheesecake

Lokhandwala, Juhu, Powai

Swing by to get some of the freshest desserts in the city, hand-crafted to perfection.

Tingle your taste-buds with their mango special desserts like the eggless Fresh Mango Layered Cheesecake, eggless Double Chocolate Mango Cake with chocolate truffle, gluten-free Mango Mascarpone Panna Cotta and Mango Coconut Crème Brulee which is again gluten-free.

A really interesting option which we would love to try is their Mango Mille Feuille made up of three layers of puff pastry alternating with two layers of pastry cream and two layers of fresh mango. The top pastry layer is dusted with icing sugar and topped with more fresh mango and sounds absolutely delightful.

P.S.- You can get these mango specials at all outlets (Kala Ghoda, Kamala Mills, Bandra) of their cafe Poetry By Love & Cheesecake too.

Mango Mille Feuille

Mango Panna Cotta

10).Cafe Delhi Heights

Kamala Mills, Kurla, Lower Parel

This restaurant with quirky, cosy interiors serves a multi-cuisine array of dishes!

For all you mango lovers out there, they have a special mango menu available till May 16th.

The menu features Mango Ice Tea, Mango Slushie, Mango Lassi, salads like the Mango Cappuccino, Mango Martina Salad, mains like the Mango Quesidilla, Pizza Alla Mango, and desserts like the Mango Cheesecake and Mangomisu!

P.S.- If you visit them do try their Juicy Lucy Burger, it’s mighty delicious!

Mango Slushie

Mango Slushie

 11). Quizzr Cafe & Diner

Veera Desai, Andheri

Newly opened up in Andheri by the makers of Bar Stock Exchange and Agent Jack’s, Quizzr is a cafe like no other we’ve been to! Everything here is inspired by games and is made playful and exciting, from the décor to the menus.

For the season,they have a Mango Cheesecake Dessert Jar which has a crunchy biscuit topped with whipped cream, mango and is absolutely divine!

Mango Cheesecake Dessert Jar

Mango Cheesecake Dessert Jar

12). The Little Easy


Modelled as a speakeasy-style bar, you can expect Prohibition era-themed cocktails and lip-smacking food here!

They have a treat for all you mango lovers out there! Say hello to their 45 days of Summer menu available till the 6th of June. Sip on their mango mocktails like Mango Smoothie, Mangolicious and Passion Mango and dig into their delectable desserts like Mango Panna Cotta, Mango Tiramisu and Mangoes with Fresh Cream.

Mango Tiramisu

Mango Tiramisu


13). Nara Thai

Nara Thai already has outposts in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Sri Lanka and we are glad it’s made its way to Mumbai. Imported by the team behind Yauatcha and Hakkasan, Nara Thai is a place to savour authentic Thai flavours in an extremely pretty setting.

They have a special mango menu available from the 18th of May, featuring dishes like Raw Mango Salad, Mango Larb Salad, Chicken Mango Kraprao, Mango Noodle and the Mango Sticky Rice.

P.S.- We loved sipping on their summer cocktail ‘Fangs Tonic’ made with gin, earl grey, rosemary syrup, lime juice and garnished with mango, raspberry and berry.

Mango Menu At Nara Thai

Mango Menu At Nara Thai


14).Coppetto Artisan Gelato

Forget the slices of mango this summer, and give way for a bright sun-kissed yellow, tangy and absolutely delicious Mango Sorbet at Coppetto Artisan Gelato. Infused with a smack of fresh mangoes and a hint of love, this icy treat is here to keep you cool through the summer.

So what are you waiting for? Head over and indulge, with none other than the king of fruits, served up in cups of happiness at the quaint gelataria.

Mango Sorbet

Mango Sorbet

Summers are no fun without indulging in mangoes. So if you love to experiment just like us, visit any of these places for the mango specials and let us know how your experience was.