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By Mallika Dabke September 10, 2018
Comfort Asian Food

Comfort food means different things to everybody, and it is often connected to the past. Comfort food is that which transports you to a familiar place where you feel warm, cared for and completely yourself. For me, eating warm noodle bowls and broths in the comfort of my bed encapsulate the comfort-eating experiencing. Hoping that I could kick back on a lazy afternoon with some noodles and Netflix, I ordered my lunch from Milliways Broth Noodle & Bao.

This delivery kitchen is the brainchild of chefs Yash Rajpal and Ashwin Ramachandran. Milliways is an homage to ‘The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe’ from The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy series of books. After years of traveling and gaining kitchen experience, Yash and Ashwin created Milliways to be able to mix gourmet and street food culture, which they say is what the average Indian palate enjoys the most. Hearing this concept behind their deliver start-up intrigued me further into trying out what seemed to be the coolest new player on the block.

To start with, I ordered a bowl of Chicken Wontons, that came with a separate tangy red sauce to be poured over the wontons. The wonton pieces were big and plump and the wrappers were super soft while the chicken that it enveloped was generous and full of flavour. Adding the sauce to the wontons gave it an added kick that I really enjoyed.

They have a good selection of baos on their menu so I tried the Crispy Chicken Sriracha Bao and a Black Pepper Mapo Tofu Bao. The Crispy Chicken Sriracha Bao had had a pleasing combination of the crunch from the fried chicken and the softness of the bao, tied together with the spicy sriracha. The Black Pepper Mapo Tofu Bao had an umami taste, and though it was bursting with flavour, it was short on the complexity of textures like the chicken bao. I’d still recommend it to anybody who enjoys their tofu.

I was most looking forward to their Chicken Miso Ramen. The broth came in a separate pouch, making it super easy to pour into the ramen bowl. All I had to do was undo the cap on the pouch, and a steaming broth immersed the bowl’s ingredients: pok choi, corn, bean sprouts, nori, spring onions, braised chicken and a soft-boiled egg. The broth packed a strong flavourful punch that, when coupled with the other ingredients was a party for both my palate and soul. Every sip whispered comfort. The braised chicken and the soft-boiled egg were well cooked, and the vegetables were crunchy and fresh, this is exactly how I like my ramen.

Chicken Miso Ramen

Chicken Miso Ramen

 Their Vegetarian Khow Suey was a Thai take on the classic Burmese dish. It was everything you want in a khow suey, but better. It was thick, lush and went straight to the soul. I felt the same way about the third main, their Lamb Rendang. A rendang is an Indonesian staple, which is a mildly spicy mix of rice and meat in a thick curry. The lamb was succulent and well-seasoned, which reflected how perfectly it was cooked. The dense gravy was very flavourful, just like all the other food I’d had so far.

Lastly, I ended my big meal with their signature Chocolate Mousse, which had chunks of brownie and sweetened sesame seeds. A running theme in all the food I had eaten so far, was density. Each dish was bursting with flavour, and tasted simply divine.

You now obviously know where I’m ordering food from next time I’m feeling low and need some comforting, or when I’m having another Netflix and noodles meal (which happens more often than I’d like to admit). Milliways has become that thing for me that I love so much I want to tell everyone about it, but also keep it a secret so that it stays mine. They are located in Grant Road, so they’re doing deliveries around South Bombay, but I can’t wait for them to branch out and serve their wholesome food to every corner of the city.