Mumbai Gets India’s First Beer Infuser

By Sarvesh Talreja April 4, 2017
Randall will use local flowers and spices to enhance beers once a month at Woodside Inn.

Woodside Inn has been at the forefront of the tiny, tasty, and frothy craft beer movement in the city. Now, after introducing 25 taps at their Lower Parel outlet, they brought India’s first beer infuser to Woodside Mumbai. Named Randall, this beer infusing device cools the beer in one tube after infusing it with ingredients of choice from another.


Kingfisher, Gateway's White Zen, and Doolally's Gose will be infused by Randall.

Kingfisher, Gateway’s White Zen, and Doolally’s Gose will be infused by Randall.


Here’s what you need to know to appreciate a beer infused by Randall.
Which local flowers have been used to infuse the beers? Why these?
Mogra, Chafa, and Roses are among the local flowers we’re infusing the beers with. We wanted to work with seasonal flowers to showcase the local elements in our beers. Not all flowers can be used though, so we picked those which contribute the right aroma without overpowering the beer.

Are the flowers going to change from venue to venue or month to month?

Yes, a lot of our infusions will be seasonal in nature so we’ll definitely be mixing things up.

What inspired this choice of beers? Is it because they are good foil for flavour or is it to provide a wider range of taste?

Firstly, we wanted to pick something people were familiar with so we could show how a Randall can enhance an already good beer and make it better. Gateway’s White Zen is probably the most ubiquitous craft beer, so it was an obvious choice. Secondly, it serves as a perfect canvas for experimenting with different flavors because it pairs well with so many different types of foods.



This is a cutting-edge innovation in a small, niche market. What made the partners at Woodside Inn want to invest in something like this?
At Woodside Inn, we like to invest in ways to improve the craft beer experience for our guests. The craft beer market is growing very quickly and the Randall is a fun way for our guests to enjoy their favourite beer with the infusion of some great local ingredients.

Tell us your favourite beer infusion by Randall.

Abhishek Honawar – White Zen + Mogra. It’s refreshing and perfect for the Indian weather.

Pankil Shah – Kingfisher + betel leaf + star anise. The use of traditional Indian ingredients really enhances the flavours of our country’s largest selling lager.

Sumitraj Gambhir – White Zen + Mogra, which is built for Bombay’s summers.

Abhishek Chinchalkar – Doppelganger + Coffee Beans. There’s something about a dark beer and coffee that clicks with me.

Once a month, Randall will make an appearance at a Woodside Inn outlet. It begins this month on the 8th of April at Woodside Inn’s Lower Parel outlet.

What’s your favourite beer style and what would you infuse it with? Tell us in a comment!