Discover The Flavours of Mexico at New York Burrito Company

By Devika Pathak May 3, 2018
Can Never Get Enough Of Nachos

Considering how similar Mexican and Indian cuisines are- spicy, flavourful and bold- it’s surprising that we don’t have many Mexican restaurants in Mumbai. Taking note of this gap in the market, first-time restaurateur Senil Shah and hospitality professional Vinglic Rebello decided to do something about it. They managed to find Chef Delio Armin Puerto Ceballos (Chef Armin), a Mexico native and create a menu that is both authentically Latin American while being well suited to the Indian palette. “I started cooking when I was 18 years old,” says Chef Armin, “and it was around this time that I opened my first taqueria, or taco shop. My father always told me I was born to cook!”

The New York Burrito Company is a 100% vegetarian restaurant that revives Tex-Mex cuisine without losing touch with its Mexican roots. Chef Armin tells us that the menu revolves around fresh, seasonal ingredients like fresh veggies, chillies, avocados and beans which are easy to adapt to the Indian palette. The USPs at this restaurant are their burritos and burrito bowls which are made to order and can be made Jain as well. The ingredients have been sourced both locally and internationally offering a wide array of choices and flavours. Their signature Burrito is a must-have item and is essentially an 11-inch delight served with 18 different ingredients! We also loved the nachos and the fact that this restaurant is focused on being environmentally friendly. Their packaging is all sugarcane based and bio-degradable. Their cutlery is made from bamboo! We love a good meal that is sustainable and responsible.

Burritos, The New York Burrito Company

Burritos, New York Burrito Company

“I love to use my imagination and courage to explore, experiment and introduce new culinary dishes with a strong influence of Mexican food”, says Armin. “I jumped at the opportunity to come to India as it would challenge everything I know – I would need to reinvent my skills to create an all veg menu when Mexican food is all about its meat. I have extensively researched Jain and Indian food before this move and I am keen to see how we are perceived in this market.” Keeping this in mind, Chef Armin wants to keep the flavours and menu as close to his home of Mexico as he can. “We will use no canned products or preservatives and serve our signature Burritos as fresh as possible.”

Enchiladas, The New York Burrito Company

Enchiladas, New York Burrito Company

Chef Armin has spent a considerable amount of time in India and has already learnt how to make a mean curry! When asked what his favourite Indian food was, he mentions vada pav and pav bhaji- two of Mumbai’s signature dishes. Chef Armin is keen to start introducing more traditional South American dishes to the menu as well so keep your eyes peeled! Let us know what your favourite Mexican dishes are and perhaps we’ll catch you the New York Burrito Company sometime.