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By Sanjana Subramanian June 20, 2018
Drinks At Hitchki. Image Source : Zomato

The city that never sleeps has always had a great nightlife scene. With the passing years, the amount of choices we have has really grown. Wherever you go, you’re bound to stumble upon a place that you may or may not have known about, promising you a great night out with your gang.

Now, it’s BKC’s turn to shine. As soon as the clock chimes 8 pm (or even earlier), several spots in BKC come to life with people who are out to have a good time. With great music, live gigs and well-stocked bars, there’s a reason why this spot has become the next big thing in terms of Mumbai nightlife. Read on to discover your next favourite hangout spot where you can party the night away.

Gateway Taproom

A relaxed ambience, beers brewed in-house and finger food make this spot in Godrej BKC, quite the place to be, especially for beer lovers. They have happy hours from 10 pm to midnight everyday and they also serve an array of interesting drinks like the Side Car with an apple cider base, a honey based chilli guava mead and their Czech dark lager if you’re a fan of dark brews. If you’re looking for a night out with a round of chilled drinks and some good music, put this place on your list.

Cost: Approximately INR 2,200 without alcohol.

Drinks At Gateway Taproom

Drinks At Gateway Taproom. Image Source: Zomato



Located at the First International Financial Centre’s G Block, Hitchki is jam packed even on weekday evenings! You will find a lot of corporates here, letting loose after a long day at work. Hitchki is popular for its eclectic varieties of cocktails like the Kicker Rita, which is essentially beer injected in a glass of tequila with a salt coated rim and the Tipsy Cola, a fruity drink spiked with vodka.The music is great and they play a lot of hits that’ll make you want to bust a move. To go with your drinks, you can choose from rolls and burgers to dim sums and baos.

Cost: Approximately INR 1,500 without alcohol


Pinnacle Corporate Park’s popular bar is one for all the party animals in the city. Open until 1 am (sometimes beyond), this spot with its rustic vibe, is where all the action happens. The dance floor attracts quite a crowd, with the DJ spinning out all the latest tracks, including Bollywood music.The bar menu lists beer buckets with four pints, draught beer varieties and Dive specials like the Desi Martini infused with a heady mix of dates and curry leaves. We also love the Paantini, with a strong flavour of paan and a chakhna platter to go with, at an extra cost.The cuisine includes North Indian, Chinese, Continental and American varieties.

Cost: Approximately INR 1,800 without alcohol.

Beer And Fries At BKC Dive

Beer And Fries At BKC Dive. Image Source: Zomato

Drinkery 51

Enjoy signature cocktails and a great nightlife at Drinkery 51, in Vibgyor Towers. This is a great spot to wind down after work or party on the weekend. There is a dance floor and they also have frequent gigs for all you music lovers. Their menu offers stir fries, curries, Indian breads and other bar nibbles while the drinks on offer include a selection of wine, single malts, rum, tequila and more.

Cost: Approximately Rs 1,500/- without alcohol

Interiors At Drinkery 51. Image Source: Zomato

Interiors At Drinkery 51. Image Source: Zomato

The Irish House

Everybody’s favourite pub, The Irish House is apt for both large groups and more intimate gatherings. The relaxed ambience, karaoke nights and pub vibe have made it a local hotspot. They mix up some great cocktails like the Irish Mule and their Caramel Bourbon apart from offering classic beer cocktails like The Black Wave with a hit of espresso and the Classic Shandy. Drink up with their cocktail shooters, margaritas or martinis as you munch on fries or their signature burgers.

Cost: Approximately INR 1,900 without alcohol

Beer Barrels At The Irish House

Beer Barrels At The Irish House. Image Source: Zomato

True Tramm Trunk

Beautifully lit and spacious, True Tramm Trunk has become the go-to space for a fun night out. Patrons who have visited have raved about the music as it’s one place in the city where Bollywood is king. The bar menu lists cocktails with quirky names like Laila and Gulabo and alcoholic versions of goti sodas. They also serve a mix of alcohol and gola, named Golaritas. Try the Smirnoff and KalaKhatta version when you visit or choose from their Chandon Brut cocktails.Food includes noodles, pasta, grills, salads, rolls and more.

Cost: Approximately INR 1,500 for two without alcohol

The Bar At True Tramm Trunk

The Bar At True Tramm Trunk

Burn – Bar & Kitchen

Wooden floors, muted lights and a fine selection of single malts await at this bar and kitchen in Pinnacle Corporate Park. The bar is almost always packed especially on their karaoke nights. They stay open until 1:30 am, adding to their popularity as a nightlife space. Choose from the single malts on offer or pick from other options on the bar menu, with Mexican, Italian, Chinese and other food to munch on. The Elderfizz Bubble cocktail is a great hit, as is the Kahlua Chilly Martini, if you can handle the spice.

Cost: Approximately INR 1,200 for two without alcohol

Drinks At Burn

Drinks At Burn


The first thing that will grab your attention at Dishkiyaaon is the funky décor. From upturned lamps acting as lights to a bright blue telephone booth, everything about the place is quaint and charming. But don’t let the bright and fuzzy décor fool you. Dishkiyaaon is a great place if you’re looking to party the night away.They often have live music, so you could even step in for a quick drink if that’s what you’re after. Their house cocktails are unique with fun names like the Rajni Style Bloody Mary, Paan Banaras Wala…you get the drift. The mocktail selection is also not and and their Coffee Sangria (non alcoholic) is something you ought to try!Order their Punjabi Tacos or Avocado Pani Poori to go with your drinks.

Cost: Approximately INR 1,200 without alcohol

Interiors At Dishikiyaaon. Image Source: Zomato

Interiors At Dishikiyaaon. Image Source: Zomato

Le Bar Diamantaire – Sofitel

This lobby level bar at the Sofitel is where you should head to if you’d like to enjoy a quiet drink or two minus the loud speakers and milling crowd. They have an excellent vintage wine collection along with a floor-to-ceiling wine tower.  They are renowned for their well-stocked baroffering gin, rum, tequila, single malts and more as well as for their champagne cocktails. There is also a variety of finger food on the menu to go with your drinks, such as the Gilafi Seekh Kebab and the Chicken Sukka served with different types of chutney.

Cost: Approximately INR 4,000 with alcohol

Interiors At Le Bar Diamantaire. Image Source: Zomato

Interiors At Le Bar Diamantaire. Image Source: Zomato

 O22 Bar Lounge–Trident

This bar and lounge offers swish ambience where business meetings turn into friendly discussions as the sun sets and the moon comes up. While it’s not some place you should go to for lively music, it sure is a must-visit if you’d like to enjoy a relaxed night out. Grab their popular caipiroskas and frozen margarita cocktails to kickstart your night, before moving on to the other spirits on offer ranging from daiquiris to Mai Tais. They also offer two types of sake. You can choose from soups, sandwiches, pasta and other Asian and North Indian options if you’d like to cram in a bite.

Cost: Approximately INR 4,000 with alcohol

Interiors At O22 Bar Lounge. Image Source: Zomato

Interiors At O22 Bar Lounge. Image Source: Zomato

Capital Social

Prepare to unwind after that long day at work with everybody’s favourite hangout spot in BKC – Capital Social. The theme is an inspiration drawn from World War II affected Russia. The vibe is inherently Communist and the decor is pretty minimal, with muted yellow lights and a lot of splashes of red. It’s a place that never disappoints in terms of music and alcohol. Keep Shazam handy! Order their special L.I.I.T.s or try their signature drinks with a quirky twist like the Deconstructed Moscow Mule or the Cosmo-Explosion, a best seller that is served with candy floss. Nibbles range from house fries and fried chicken to a yummy chakhna platter and Fully Loaded Nachos.

Cost: ApproximatelyINR 1,400 without alcohol

 Interiors At Capital Social. Image Source: Zomato

Interiors At Capital Social. Image Source: Zomato