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By Mumbai Foodie May 22, 2017
Wouldn't let anyone else take a bite! Image:

It doesn’t get more American than a stack of fluffy, buttered pancakes with thick maple syrup poured on top. While this is the most common representation of the dish, various add-ons on this beloved breakfast carb are popular, whether sweet or savoury. One of our favourite hungover breakfasts, here are our favourite pancake spots in the city:


Indigo Deli, All outlets
Simple, delicious pancakes. Image: Vinayak Grover

Simple, delicious pancakes. Image: Vinayak Grover

This casual dining chain gets a lot of things on point, from their cheesecake, burgers and even PB&J sandwiches. We also love their pancakes, served with fruit compote, maple syrup, and honey. You can opt for their homemade preserves instead of the fruit compote.
Quick tip: Go for their breakfast deal priced at 565++


Social, All outlets
Straight outta dreams. Image:

Straight outta dreams. Image:

Breakfast trays have recently been popularized by Social, but the popular chain also serves Blueberry Pancakes that are infused with maple syrup and blueberry compote.
Quick tip: Add bacon, especially if you’re hungover.


The Nutcracker, Fort
Nutella on the side make these pancakes taste even better. Image:

Nutella on the side make these pancakes taste even better. Image:

This charming cafe is popular for its hot chocolate and a generally warm ambience. You can choose between regular or Belgian chocolate pancakes, served with blueberry compote, melted butter & pancake syrup. They also offer White Chocolate & Cinnamon Pancakes, stuffed with cinnamon and served with homemade strawberry jam. The pancakes are light & fluffy, and you’d want to finish them without waiting for a picture.
Quick tip: You can order almost anything off the menu and count on it being stellar.


Café Zoe, Lower Parel

The only people who hesitate to wake up early for weekend breakfast here are the ones who haven’t tried it before. The skylit haven feels like a private library with quality coffees and consistent food. Their regular pancakes served with whipped cream & maple syrup. Other options include sliced banana, esepresso crème, chocolate sauce & vanilla ice cream, or BACON!
Quick tip: Iced Latte here is perfect for any weather.


Leaping Windows, Versova

An artsy comic library café, this is the Disneyland of comics in the city. They make great coffee, and you can read for hours in their library, which has an envious range of comics. Their pancake list includes Jack Johnson – banana pancakes w/ coffee sauce & whipped cream, and the extremely popular Nut-yell-aah – nutella w/ whipped cream. They also have a savoury pancake called Dixie Chicks, with smoked chicken, fresh cream cheese, and creamy chive sauce.
Quick tip: They have an all-day coffee with unlimited refills.


JamJar Diner, Versova
Messy pancakes taste awesome, too! Image: Vinayak Grover

Messy pancakes taste awesome, too! Image: Vinayak Grover

Another cool spot in Versova is this quirky, all-day cafe. JamJar has décor from Pinterest, and it earns the #WeHaveThisThingWithCafeInteriors hashtag. On offer are stacks of regular pancakes with melted butter & honey, an indulgent Nutella & banana, and sweet berry compote stuffed with choco chip.


Rola Rossa, Andheri Lokhandwala

A small, vegetarian cafe, Rola Rossa focuses on fusion food. They have five pancakes on the menu, with a healthy oatmeal option. Other ones include red velvet, chocolicious, nutella, and peanut butter.
Quick tip: Rola Rossa’s are a traditional Italian dish which has stuffed pockets of baked breads.


The Daily Bar & Kitchen, Bandra

The casual pub recently started a special lunch menu, which also includes pancakes. The Dark Chocolate Chips Pancake is dreamy. Served with maple syrup, maple cream, honey, and blueberry compote, this one’s almost a thali. You’d wish there was an endless stack of them, because one huge pancake is just not enough. You can opt for the Nutella Sea Salt variant as well.
Quick tip: They have interesting cold brew coffee cocktails.


The Rolling Pin, Lower Parel
Look at the Nutella oozing! Image:

Look at the Nutella oozing! Image:

Most popular for its desserts, with the chocolate mousse bar appearing on our feeds twice a day, this vegetarian cafe also offers light bites, wraps, pizzas, and more. Their sugar-dusted buttermilk pancakes are served in a saucepan, with whipped cream on the side. Their toppings are generous, with options like blueberry, nutella topped with marshmallows, salted caramel topped with banana, and regular butter & honey. The stacked pancakes ooze of the sauces added, and a sugar rush is inevitable.
Quick tip: You can choose to add ice cream, too.


Silver Beach Cafe, Juhu
Pancakes for breakfast? Image:

Pancakes for breakfast? Image:

This cozy little cafe is located in a quiet lane in Juhu. It’s ideal for a breakfast-date, or even a lazy Sunday brunch. On offer are stacked pancakes – not just a couple, but six, fluffy ones. You can choose between rich, chocolate ganache syrup & chocolate shavings, or fresh strawberries and compote. Either way, it makes a divine breakfast you’d want to come back to.
Quick tip: They have candle-lit dinners every night.


Smoke House Deli, All outlets

Few places do justice to European cuisine as Smoke House does. Their all-day breakfast menu includes buttermilk pancakes, and you can enjoy these with the usual maple + whipped cream, or choose between blueberry and choco chip. Another option that may sound unusual is the sweet & savoury combination of banana-bacon, which is absolutely worth a try. These mini-pancakes are stuffed with soft banana & crispy bacon, drizzled with maple syrup, and served with whipped cream.
Quick tip: Make sure you check out their kick-ass bar deals!