Papparoti now in Mumbai! | New Opening

By Sama Ankolkar February 16, 2018
Papparoti Bun with Lotus Biscuit

There is just something extremely comforting about soft, warm bread. With Mumbaikars rushing during peak hours to get their fix of ‘bun-maska’, Papparoti offers you a sophisticated, elegant approach to an already essential in our day-to- day life.

Kamala Mills in Lower Parel now opens its doors to welcome Papparoti, an internationally acclaimed brand that is known for its signature buns that have gained the confidence of numerous across the world. Flown in from Malaysia, the brand brings to Mumbai simplicity in the most refined form.

What looks to be a simple bun, provides us with beautiful complexity, begging us to bite into a crispy coffee and caramel infused exterior that breaks open to a soft, yielded, pillowy textured bun that has a layer of melted butter. Not only does it have a caramelized, crackling coating, it provides you with the warmth of melted butter within. There are variations of this beautiful bun in the form of a Nutella and Hazlenut, The Lotus Biscuit (which we absolutely devoured), the Cheese Papparoti and one with Fresh Fruit and Cream served along with.

Papparoti Bun with Nutella, hazelnut and Almonds

Papparoti Bun with Nutella, hazelnut and Almonds

The Signature Bun goes along well with any of their beverages, the menu has an entire selection of both hot and cold drinks. The Café Frappe, the Popcorn Latte (which surprising tasted exactly like caramel popcorn) and the Expresso Macchiato were tried, tested and loved. There is an entire list of herbal teas ranging from Rose, Jasmine White, Zataar and Moroccan to name a few, which are served along with a timer set to brew your perfect cup according to the preference of light, medium or strong.

Papparoti not only offers quality with the product, it gives a decadent bite to what seems like an extremely simple dish. The list of these buns seems endless and it gives ample opportunity to every palette. They also have sandwiches, wraps and pastas to choose from, in case you decide to give the bun a miss (we highly recommend that you try it though).

Open in Kamala Mills from the 17th of February 2018, this Malaysian treat is highly enthralling.

Buns have never been so charming before and this new product seems to fit into the life of
an evolving Mumbaikar with seamless ease.


Signature Papparoti bun with Cappuccino

Signature Papparoti Bun with Cappuccino