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By Mallika Dabke August 1, 2018
Pizza and Netflix party kinda day!

If you clicked on this, then there’s no doubt that you’ve got a thing for pizza. Every hour of the day is pizza o’clock, and every weekend calls for a pizza party. Welcome to the club.

With a childhood influenced by western pop culture, I believed that pepperoni pizza was the ultimate pizza, way before I’d ever even eaten it. Perhaps I could blame it on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or Joey from Friends, but there’s no doubt that from my first bite, pepperoni pizza met all my expectations, and then some. The simplicity of this Italian favourite is what makes it so delicious for me. Hot, salty cheese grated over flavourful tomato sauce, topped with a large helping of spiced pork. I think I may need a slice to get me through writing this article!

Joey’s Pizza

Arguably, Joey’s Pizza is one of the best pocket friendly pizza places to order from. Their pizzas are just in the middle of greasy and divine. If you’re trying to watch your waistline, this isn’t where you should be looking! Like any pizza here, their pepperoni pizza is especially cheesy and is ideal for a weekend cheat day meal.

Cost: INR 330 for a small, INR 560 for a medium, and INR 625 for a large.

Pizza Express

Pizza Express is an oldie but a goodie. One time, a friend of mine who prefers vegetarian pizzas, ate the pepperoni pizza at Pizza Express, and was forever converted. That’s the power of this pie! I like the pizzas here for their thin, crisp crusts and the generous helping of pepperoni in every bite.

Cost: INR 540 for a classic size, and INR 640 for a Romana, or a larger size.

Ray’s Cafe and Pizzeria

Ray’s Café and Pizzeria is tucked away on Hill Road, behind the hustle and bustle of Bandra’s busiest street. The quaint interiors and large menu makes this one of Bandra’s best hidden gems. Ray’s has done a great job at consistently serving up great pizzas, with their pepperoni variety being their most popular. The crust here is extra crispy while the pies aren’t too greasy, making it a slightly less guilt-inducing option.

Cost: INR 540 for a classic size, and INR 640 for a larger one.

Cin Cin

Get transported to Italy at this BKC restaurant. What to expect from here is: delicious food, accompanied with great wine and an ambience that pulses with the vibe of fresh energy, appreciation and casual chatter. We love their wood fired, delectable pizzas and the Piccante Pepperoni, features a distinctive Napoli style pizza with a crisp crust and a saucy centre and is everything your pepperoni pizza dreams are made of.

Cost: INR 630.

Pizza By The Bay

Pizza By The Bay is an iconic location for pizzas in Mumbai. It’s all about the old-school dining style at this seaside haunt. Being such a famous restaurant, Mumbaikars have bene feasting on pizza here for decades, making Pizza By The Bay one of the pioneers of the pepperoni pizza. Although their pizzas are quite decadent, we don’t mind because you really can’t beat that view of Marine Drive!

Cost: INR 275 for an 8”, and INR 380 for a 10” or 12”.

Pi Pizzeria

Can't go wrong with a classic Pepperoni Pizza, ever!

Can’t go wrong with a classic Pepperoni Pizza, ever!

Pi Pizzeria has a casual pick-up style location in Bandra, and a more elaborate, sit-down outlet in Andheri. Whenever we go to Pi Pizzeria, our first order has to be a pepperoni pizza! A perfect pizza is judged on the basis of its crust, the nuance of the sauce, the flavour of the cheese, and how the toppings work together. The pepperoni at Pi Pizzeria ticks all the right boxes and is as close to perfection as it can get in Mumbai. Pi Pizzeria is so underrated, I need more people to know about it!

Cost: INR 545 for a 10” and INR 785 for a 14”.


Hidden away in Shivaji Park, the menu here is varied with a great little patio for a cozy Sunday brunch. The crispy thin pizzas at Tertullia are a local classic. I keep going back here for their friendly vibes and quirky interiors. For me, comfort food is a pepperoni pizza, which they serve with a sublime scamorzella cheese.

Cost: INR 495

1441 Pizza

At 1441 Pizzeria, you can do with your pizza what your heart desires. The customizable nature of this chain of restaurants allows you to mix and match toppings and spoils you for choice. While it’s easy to be tempted by the unlimited topping options, trust us when we say sticking to a simple pepperoni and cheese is never a bad idea!

Cost: INR 345 for an 8”, and INR 695 for 11”.

1 Tablespoon Pizza Kitchen

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Tick Tock, Check The Clock. It’s Midnight Munching Time!! Our Americano Pizza always hits the spot. Always the freshest sauce made from 100% Italian Tomatoes & Imported Pork Pepperoni. Delivering up to 3am!! Bandra- find us on swiggy! Lower Parel call 8080807790 or find us on zomato, swiggy or scootsy! #livetoeatbombay #fromwhereistand #hoggers #foodislove #foodisfuel #vscofood #buzzfeedfood #foodstagram #things2doinmumbai #pizzalovers #pizzaisbae #foodtalkindia #instamumbai #foodmaniacindia #foodofmumbai #foodbeast #picoftheday #pizzalovers #mumbaifoodie #mumbaifoodcrush #keepitreal #simplepizza #newyorklove #lowerparelphoenix #pizzabytheslice #nystylepizza #lowerparel #palihill #matunga #latenightmumbai #latenightmunchies

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We love this place specifically for their pepperoni pizza. They serve single slices as well as whole pies. One thing that stands out for me at 1 Tablespoon, is the great quality of their cheese. It never gets chewy, and is always soft with just the right amount of toughness.

1 Tablespoon Pizza Kitchen has three outlets in Bandra, Matunga and Lower Parel.

Cost: INR 290 for a single jumbo slice, INR 660 for 11”.

Francesco’s Pizzeria

Take a shot every time I mention the word “underrated” or the phrase “hidden gem”. But seriously, Francesco’s does a really mean and simple pepperoni and we’re here for it! Apart from their great pepperoni pizza, Francesco’s uses lots of exotic ingredients and has a great menu of starters and sides for the most well-rounded pizza experience possible.  

P.s – don’t miss their cheesy garlic bread!

Cost: INR 410 for 7”, INR 525 for 10” and INR 720 for 13”.


Now, whether pepperoni pizza is the best kind of pizza is a whole other debate, but you can’t deny that it’s right up there with the classics. The charm of a simple pepperoni pizza is a saviour on gloomy days, which is why I had to bring you this list of the pepperoni pizzas I’ve tried and tested!