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By Disha Hanspal November 19, 2018

We’re fans that certain places are around the city are now welcoming our friends with well-groomed fur. Pets are the most awesome companions for a day out, and I’m sure it sometimes breaks your heart to leave your furry best friends behind. How much more fun would it be able to have a pet around while you enjoy a good meal?!

Here is a list of 13 pet-friendly cafes where you could go and enjoy a great meal with your most beloved friends!

Leaping Windows, Versova

This is where you can go for a hearty meal and an hour-long comic book reading session. That you can also bring your pets to the outside dining area is definitely what makes it one of Andheri’s coolest spaces! Enjoy the food, maybe chill a little with your human friends, and be around your pet. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

Quick tip: Their comic collection is worth many repeat visits!

Doolally Taproom

Every weekend we feel like day drinking some craft beer. But if your puppy is looking at you with his big cute eyes, it’s definitely a sign: they want to come drinking too! Doolally is a pet-friendly bar where you can eat well, have your pet play and walk around outdoors, and watch you as you begin to resemble the happy camper you were meant to be after a couple of golden ales.

Quick Tip: They’ve got beer for each palette, from sweet ciders to stouts and bitters.

Coffee by Di Bella

Known for decadent waffles and the most sinful FreakShakes in the city, Di Bella Café also has four pet-friendly outlets! Visit their Bandra, Versova, Mahim and Santacruz outlets with your pets. An evening with hot chocolate gets even better if you spend quality time with your pet while sipping on some hot coffee.

Quick tip: Go hard with a sugar rush from the FreakShakes, or take it easy with a comforting hot chocolate.

The Bagel Shop, Bandra

A quaint place with an airy open patio is a lovely place to spend mornings. Go here for a bagel breakfast with your beagle, as they’re only too happy to play host. It’s a relaxed place to enjoy the daylight, eggs, smoothies, and some sloppy kisses from your dog (c’mon, your cat won’t wake up for breakfast anyway, right?)

Quick tip: They’ve got a special new East Indian menu available, it’s called Queimada, and we’re BIG fans of it.

Autumn Bar & Bistro, Andheri West

Looking out to spend a chilled-out Sunday with some great food and great company (we obviously mean, your pet!)? We found the right place for you. You can enjoy a beautiful evening with your pet in the outside section of this vibrant bistro. Not only is this place spectacularly done up, but it also has superb food and live music to get you and your pet in the mood.

Quick tip: Don’t miss out on the Chicken Arabiatta, while your pet devours their healthy boiled chicken treats.

PEFE, Lokhandwala 

Pets deserve the best of everything, and nobody understands this more than the staff at PEFE. This is the perfect place to take your four-legged buddy, and treat them with all things delicious! They have a separate junior menu (for your pets), along with a menu for you. You can also meet up with other pet owners, while your pet is busy chilling with their friends. Pet party, anybody? 

Quick tip: They also customize birthday cakes for pets. You no longer have to look online for dog cake recipes anymore!  

Candy and Green, Breach Candy 

This cozy restaurant is filled with bright lights, delicious food and happy vibes. You can go here with your furry angels, and enjoy a scrumptious lunch or a light evening snack until 7pm (they don’t allow pets after 7 pm). They have an array of healthy choices for every one of you who is watching their calories. Time for a smoothie Sunday maybe? 

Quick tip: Try their Burrito Bowl, you will not be disappointed! 

Madeira & Mime, Powai 

This restaurant is managed by hearing and speech impaired staff. You have to order through sign language, and all the instructions of how to do that are given in the menu. They have an outside section, which allows pet owners to enjoy a good time with their best buddies. They also have a pet menu, if you wish to treat your paw-fect friend! If this is not heaven on earth, I don’t know what is. Well there’s good on good on good here. Beautiful way to spend your day, isn’t it? 

Quick tip: If you’re visiting on a weekend, make sure you make a reservation. This place is always buzzing. 

Cat Cafe Studio, Versova

Cats can be cold animals, but this cafe is beaming with warm, loving vibes. The concept of this cafe is pretty awesome- they give a home to all the cats that are left astray. These cats live at the cafe, and you can go play with them, or maybe take your own kitty to make some new friends and have a great day. Playing, lazing around or just spending some quality time with these cats is a complete stress reliever. 

Quick tip: They have cats for adoption as well! If you don’t have a furry friend yet, maybe it’s time to find yourself one? 

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The Burger Brasserie, Lokhandwala 

Like the name suggests, this cafe is a burger heaven for all you burger freaks out there. They have really innovative burger options in their menu i.e. Pulled Butter Chicken Burger anybody?? Apart from mind blowing burgers, this place sells the most delicious poutines, (who can say no to French fries with gravy and cheese?!) chicken wings and milkshakes too. What’s more? You can spend your day with delicious food and share this experience with your furry buddy. Sounds like the best deal, no? 

Quick tip: Try their Bombay Wings with a glass of Gulab Jamun And Cheesecake Milkshake (Yes, you read that right!).

The Village Shop, Hill Road 

If you’re one of those healthy eaters, (and a pet lover) you must visit this place! It’s a cozy cafe, with good vibes and sunny interiors. They have some amazing coffees and salads to fuel you up in the right way. They have a pretty outside section too, with lots of greenery around. And of course, they allow pets in their outside section, which makes the place way more cooler! 

Quick tip: The Village Shop Cold Brew is a must try. 

Independence Brewing Company, Andheri West 

Beer AND pets? Say no more! Independence Brewing Company has some of the best brewed beers in the city. Their ales are perfect for every tastebud. The place is well done up, with smart interiors and bright lighting. What’s better than sipping on some craft beer while chilling with your pet all day long? 

Quick tip: They have excellent food as well. Their Mutton Samosas and Hefeweisen make for a great combination! 

Fooze, Vasant Vihar (Thane W)

Fooze is a friendly cafe, with simple interiors and yummy food. Their menu is pretty modern, with a healthy but tasty twist. They have some delicious burgers (you can have their FTB option as well, which comes without a bun), ramen and various preparations of eggs. Wholesome food, a glass of iced tea and a day out with your pet, it’s like a dream come true. 

Quick tip: Sloppy Chicken Burger for the win!!

So, which of these places will you be taking your pet to next? Tell us in the comments!