Picnic All Day Eatery Brings Tropical Vibes To Ghatkopar | All The Deets

By Mallika Dabke June 21, 2018
Tropical vibes over at Picnic - All Day Eatery.

If you think about the food scene at Ghatkopar, you either think of R City Mall, or street food. The streets and by lanes of this area are overflowing with some of the city’s best dosas, vada pavs, bhajjiyas, paani puris and more. With all the fine dining and casual eateries in Ghatkopar West’s R City Mall, Ghatkopar East sees a distinct lack of options for when you want to just hang out and eat good food. With the entry of Picnic All Day Eatery, the gap in this market has reduced.

Picnic is all about creating a casual, laid-back vibe. This small eatery serves a fun menu that is perfect for a casual meal out. With the staples like milkshakes, lemonades and iced teas, keep an eye out for their surprise twists on certain items.


Pineapple Thyme - Picnic

Pineapple Thyme.

Once we were done admiring the interiors, we ordered a Pineapple Thyme lemonade, a simple and cooling drink to start us off. Their Chai Biscuit Milkshake sounded interesting, so we went for that too. If you’re a chai person, you shouldn’t miss this drink for its bold flavours and interesting smoothie-like texture.

The salad list at Picnic is pretty gorgeous so we decided to order a couple of those as well. The first, a Goat’s Cheese Salad was a good mix of quinoa, toasted beets, carrots, baby spinach, smoked almond, fried goat’s cheese balls, and pieces of orange to make it interesting. Although very tasty, there were only two small goat’s cheese balls in the bowl and I wish there were some more to actually qualify the title of the salad.


Burrata Blast - Picnic

The Burrata Blast.

The second salad, The Burrata Blast was an absolute treat. A super fresh house-made ball of burrata sat atop roasted peppers, sundried and cherry tomatoes, with toasted almonds and olives in a basil pesto sauce. The creamy cheese complimented the fresh crunchiness of the vegetables and the bold pesto flavour really well.


Cheese Stuffed Vada Pav Sliders - Picnic

Cheese Stuffed Vada Pav Sliders.

Our next two orders were an interesting fusion of flavours and concepts. The first was a platter of Cheese Stuffed Vada Pav. These sliders were made with charcoal buns, with little cheesy vadas in the middle. While this was a very interesting food item to try out, it didn’t give me the street-side vada pav satisfaction I was hoping for. We also had the Thecha Grilled Cheese sandwich, which was a spicy take on a classic cheesy and buttery grilled cheese. The portion was larger than usual, which makes this a great meal for one.

With pizza on the menu, we simply couldn’t miss. My companion and I went for the Chef’s Special White Pie. The in-house baked pizza bread was topped with a creamy four-cheese sauce and arugula leaves, laced with a gentle sprinkling of truffle oil. It was truly different from the overindulgent home delivered pizzas I’m afraid I’ve gotten used to. Although simple, the combination of the four cheeses and the truffle oil gave it an edge.

For the last of our mains, we had the Gnocchi in a Burnt Garlic Sauce. The burnt garlic sauce with almonds, lemon zest and parmesan cheese were subtle, yet tasty, and the dish would have been a success had it not been for the chewy and dry gnocchi balls.


Banoffee Pie - Picnic

The divine slice of Banoffee Pie at Picnic.

Lastly, for dessert, we indulged in the seriously divine Banoffee Pie. This heavenly slice of pie ticked all the right boxes when it came to flavour, texture, and balancing the sweetness.

This simple eatery is perfect for you if you live in Ghatkopar, and makes for a nice spot for when you want to have a chill lunch with a parent, dinner with your mates, or a even a casual date night. I probably wouldn’t go to Ghatkopar from South Bombay, but if I was in the area, I’d definitely drop in for a visit and get my hands on that Banoffee pie again!