Celebrate World Whisky Day With Repeat!

By Partner May 20, 2017

It can be said that whisky is the only globally popular alcohol that enjoys the availability of bottles at each price point across most of the planet. There are also multiple countries that have their own take on it – whether Irish, American, Japanese, Scottish, or even Indian.

Whisky is typically blended, matured, and aged for long periods of time in a variety of materials using different techniques. This method of producing whisky gives it a certain target audience. The stereotype of your regular whisky drinker is of someone old, drinking it either on the rocks or mellowed with water or soda, possibly even without ice. They describe the taste of their drink in intimidating, often needless detail.

The exercise of drinking whisky can be simpler and younger as well.



The refreshing Melon Julep was paired with Broccoli Cakes.


That’s where Repeat whisky can come into your life this world whisky day. New in the market, Repeat is a whisky with sweet notes targeted towards a younger target audience. One of the most refreshing things about the brand is their dedicated focus on cocktails. The octagonal bottle looks interesting, with subtle geometry in sharp contrast to almost every other whisk bottle on the planet.

We tasted 7 whisky-based cocktails, namely: Repeat by the Bay, Melon Julep, Whisk-Tea, Repeat Your Spice, Nutcracker, Risky-Whisky, and Choco-Repeat.

Repeat by the Bay was served in a martini glass. A clear, golden drink is garnished with a generous bay leaf. While whisky isn’t considered a drink one can have in the day, the Melon Julep and Whisk-Tea quickly dispelled that. Both were light, refreshing, with the Whisk-Tea literally served with black tea to make you more productive. This one shows off how well whisky can work with anything, even tea.



The Nutcracker was our favourite of the lot.


The Nutcracker is a fantastic drink with its hazelnut aroma and shaved almonds served on the rocks along with a slice of orange. Risky-Whisky contained water, which kept us fresh, light, and most importantly, hydrated after tasting half a dozen cocktails on a summer day.

Quite possibly the star cocktail was Choco-Repeat. Served with a chocolate coated rim, the dark brown liquid had Repeat whisky as a base, just like all the other cocktails. Rarely did a cocktail uplift the simple, sweet notes of the blend as well as this did.

Check out this video to get a sense of Repeat Whisky.