Eating Out In Versova | Hood Guide

By Sama Ankolkar November 23, 2018
Versova Has Many Restaurants Guys!

If you’ve grown up in Versova or live in the area, you’ll know that there is just no other neighbourhood like it in the city. From quaint green lanes in Yari Road, to the sea breeze that wafts throughout the main road, the place began buzzing with eateries in the recent few years, making it a great hang out spot too. 

The charm of Versova seems to enter most of the places that I’ve listed below so next time you’re in the area, you know where to go. 

Jamjar Diner

This was the original Jamjar and personally, is my favourite one. Not only are the interiors extremely inviting but the place transforms into whatever you need it to be. Whether breakfast; my favourite is the Full Monty; the eggs, the bacon, the sausages just sort you out for the day, or a girl’s night out so that you can sip on some sangria, Jamjar becomes an ideal spot for any. The terrace gives out happy vibes while the open bar with the juke box downstairs makes it an amiable date night too. The food here doesn’t disappoint either, so snack on the Chicken Popcorn, or indulge in a Juicy Lucy Burger for the complete experience. 

Leaping Windows

This little café is a personal favourite. I’ve lived down the lane from it so I’ve watched it grow from a tiny little comic book store to full blown café that has managed to retain the charm that it originally started out with. I always enjoyed sipping the Good Old Fashioned Cold Coffee while I’d journal, followed by a portion of the Chickenator Sandwich that I’d end up sharing with a friend. They have the best hand cut Sweet Potato Fries with portions that are extremely generous. The breakfast menu offers everything from eggs, smoothie bowls to waffles and even pancakes, so this place pretty much covers everything you need if you’re a busy person who needs a place to work and munch on healthy, wholesome and delicious food.

The Tanjore Tiffin Room 

A number of places have opened and shut down where The Tanjore Tiffin Room stands today, however this one seems here to stay. Offering Andhra style South Indian food, the place is divided into an oudoor and indoor seating area. The outdoors is better suited for evenings while the indoors make for a great family lunch. The menu is a compilation of traditional family recipes. My own favourites are the Jackfruit Cutlet and Padmini’s Mutton Cutlets. The Mutton Pepper Fry is the most tender and beautifully spiced meat I have eaten however you must have a high spice quotient for this one. In addition, the staff are extremely efficient and well informed. They walk you through a tasting platter and you can select your curry and meat preference based on what you like. My favourite is the Tamarind Fish Curry that I wipe off with appams! God, my mouth is watering while I think about it! The restaurants also serves great cocktails so you can definitely make a night out whilst you visit this one. 


This old bakery has been around for a while. Located at the junction between Yari Road and the main road, it is the oldest landmark I remember. The keema pav for breakfast, the puff pastries to snack on and the stuffed parathas are some old-time favourites. The Chicken Stroganoff is quite nice too. With both indoor and outdoor seating areas, the casual vibe of this eatery is a nice little catch up point. 

Scrumptious. Image Source: Jayati Bhola-LBB

Scrumptious. Image Source: Jayati Bhola-LBB

Chai Coffi 

One of the most popular hangout spots in the area, Chai Coffi is a well-known destination for most people who come to Versova for work. You are most likely to spot a familiar face from the television or theatre industry submerged in serious conversation here. The café serves a whole range of teas and coffees and is located right at the entrance of the beach, hence the outside seating is breezy. The menu is simple with a little bit of a twist and a couple of Mumbai classics like the Pav Bhaji. You can enjoy a Kaanda Bhajiya in a cheese sandwich or stick to the chaat menu and order a Bhel to sip alongside a Jasmine Tea whilst you catch up with a buddy.

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

As a coffee lover, I was overjoyed when Blue Tokai opened in the area. We all know that a serious coffee drinker would prefer this café over any regular coffee shop when they need their daily shot of caffeine. A compact space located just at the opening of the media hub of Aaram Nagar, the Blue Tokai here is swarming with people dropping by to pick up their favourite cuppa. 

Rodeo Pizza 

Fairly new to town, this pizza joint has picked up momentum and how. The cheesy crust, light dough and the generous, not to mention delicious toppings (keema and barbeque chicken being extremely popular) have won local resident’s hearts. The cheese burst oozes with dreamy molten cheese and gives Dominoes a run for their money. Wondering where to indulge in those Saturday night carbs? Walk right into Rodeos. I usually have a perfect Rodeo pizza and Netflix party when I don’t feel like getting out and we know that those parties are the best kind 😉

Malwani Kalwan

We do have a Gajalee right off Versova and in Seven Bungalows, but we get our coastal fill from Malwani Kalwan just as soon as you turn into the neighbourhood. One of the oldest coastal restaurants, the place hasn’t changed a bit ever since it opened. From the Bombil Fry to the the Tisri Sukha, and the Prawn Masala to the Chaawal ka Roti, all things from our favourite coast are found here and at very reasonable rates too. Though the simplistic ambience may not be ideal for dates, it is a great lunch or dinner stop to step out for to give into your seafood cravings. 

Malwani Kalwan. Image Source

Malwani Kalwan. Image Source

Sancha Ice Cream

Though Versova is packed with several dessert places, my all-time favourite has to be Sancha Ice Cream. There is absolutely nothing that can beat the creaminess of hand churned ice creams and Sancha holds a special place in my heart. The Chocolate Chip Ice Cream is one of my favourites and perfect for those late-night munchies. You must also try the Banana and Date Ice Cream here. Make sure you ask for what the flavour of the season is, and trust me, you will not have enjoyed a fresh fruit ice cream as much as this one!

These are places you can dine out at and enjoy a good meal, if nothing else and will go home with a happy belly. Which ones have you been to? Tell us, we’d love to hear.