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By Yamini Walia November 23, 2018
The Gorgeous City Of Dubai, UAE

There are two types of vacations in the world – one, where you travel your heart out and second, where you eat your heart out. My recent holiday to Dubai was the latter for me. From the best steak to the best burger, I tasted it all. If you’re visiting Dubai anytime soon, you shouldn’t be missing out on these places. 

Better known for the owner and chef commonly called Salt Bae than for the food, Nusr-ET has taken Instagram by storm. So, how could I miss trying the steak at this place? I can tell you with utmost confidence that it was the best steak of my life, and I have tried quite a few steaks. However, this can be a little steep on the pocket; make sure you save up separately just for this place! 

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Din Tai Fung 

Now, you may think that this is an unusual choice for a city like Dubai. Trust me, I was surprised too when a close relative recommended it. Let me just say that I can’t thank my relative enough for Din Tai Fung. Located in Mall of the Emirates, this place has definitely the best soups, dim sum, shrimp fried rice – basically, everything Asian. On a scale of 1 to WOW, this deserves all the brownie points. 


Cheesecake Factory

I am among those people who secretly pray for Cheesecake Factory to set up shop in India. *sighs* Nevertheless, my wish came true in Dubai when I visited this place for lunch and hogged on Chicken Caesar Salad, Prawns Pasta, Pepperoni Pizza and of course, their Chocolate Cheesecake. I still dream about that meal sometimes! 

Shake Shack

If there’s one burger brand that has revolutionized the concept of burgers, it has to be Shake Shack. From the moment I spotted the restaurant in Dubai Mall, I wanted to have their cheeseburger and so I did. My verdict: can I have another one? 

Ella’s Creamery

Ella’s Creamery is not just your regular ice cream parlour. Think: colourful pastel decor that is reminiscent of American 1950s ice cream parlours. Obviously, you can’t miss out on their range of ice-creams but don’t miss out on their monster shakes, especially the unicorn one!

Bread Street Kitchen & Bar

Gordon Ramsay – that’s reason enough to head to the Bread Street Kitchen & Bar in Dubai. Their Beef Wellington, Fish and Chips, Pesto Spaghetti and also, their Gin & Tonic cocktails are a must try. To top it off, it’s located in the legendary, Atlantis – The Palm. 

Brunch At Bread Street Kitchen & Bar. Image Source

Brunch At Bread Street Kitchen & Bar. Image Source

Al Safadi

You can’t be in Dubai and not gorge on authentic Lebanese cuisine. And, Al Safadi is definitely the best out of the lot with meaty shawarmas, crisp falafel and tabbouleh. Moreover, their range of juices is pretty impressive. Juice, shisha and a shawarma – sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?

I am not kidding, I am planning another trip to Dubai just to eat at these places. At least, that’s the dream!