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By Mumbai Foodie August 16, 2018
Gorgeous City Of Melbourne

The first thing that pops to my head when I think of Australia, is the world renowned MasterChef series. It’s only fitting to say that Aussies take gastronomy pretty seriously and are on the forefront of cutting edge dining experiences.

If I had to pick the first city I’d visit in this country it would, without a doubt, be Melbourne. Apart from mesmerising beaches, kickass street art and rich student culture, Melbourne flaunts an array of top notch restaurants run by MasterChef royalty, boosting it right into an epicure’s bucket list.

We’re talking Michelin starred spaces, luxurious ambience, varied cuisines, dreamlike desserts – the works! In other words, we’d travel to Melbourne just for the food.

In case you’re planning a visit anytime soon, here’s our nosh spot bucket list for the sunny city.

The Press Club

Owned by the Greek veteran chef, George Calombaris, The Press Club is described as “playful, not pretentious” and promises to stand true to the communal vibe of a Grecian spread. We’d love to visit this place for a degustation someday, hoping to indulge into their renowned kerasma (treat)!

Also famous for being a MasterChef judge, Chef George Calombaris, is known for his intolerance towards spicy food and love for Indian curries. Honestly, we don’t know how those two go along, so if we ever visit and bump into him, we’d surely ask.

Vue de Monde

Vue de Monde translates to “worldview”, and the restaurant rightfully gives its eaters a magnificent panoramic view of Melbourne from the 55th floor along with amazing French food.

Chef Shannon Bennett’s Vue De Monde is more of a gastronomic journey than a casual dining experience. Along with charming interiors involving artistic lights and dishes with theatrics, food’s not the only reason we crave to book a table here.

Again a MasterChef regular, Chef Shannon is the sweetheart who mentors the contestants and urges them to put their best knives forward.

Zumbo Cafe

The dessert king from Netflix’s “Zumbo’s Just Desserts” who is also famous for his dreaded dessert challenges at MasterChef, Chef Adriano Zumbo owns this delectable space in Melbourne.

Chef Zumbo masters his desserts like no other so we can surely expect nothing but the best from his line of Zumbo Cafes in Australia. His pop up at South Yarra in Melbourne called Zumbo Cafe easily makes it to our bucket list for serving not just all things sweets and handcrafted ice cream, but also a bite or two of yummy Aussie foods like sausage rolls and pies. We’re drooling already!

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

The popular British chef Heston Blumenthal is famous for his Michelin starred restaurants. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal in Bray, UK holds two Michelin stars, so our excitement about the Melbourne branch shouldn’t come off as a surprise at all.

Fit for a grand occasion, this fine dining restaurant takes inspiration from British and Australian cuisines, offers bespoke cocktails by Chef Director Ashley-Watts, has a vintage menu with recipes from as far back as the 14th century and allows its diners to interact with the chefs while their delicious meal is prepared in a transparent kitchen!

Evidently, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal has a number of awards under its belt and I just can’t wait to experience its marvel myself.

Bahari | The Hellenic Palate

What excites us most about Bahari is their google description that reads, “Creative Greek/English menu offered in a cosy, lively restaurant with rustic-chic decor.” Gringlish food – half Greek and half English – opens up all new levels of delicious possibilities.

This restaurant is run by ex-MasterChef contestant, Philip Vakos and his friend, Stell Kaponas. Though Philip describes Bahari as a “small intimate space”, it gained much momentum for its offbeat fusion and now offers cooking classes, take-home meals and event catering. Wow.

While fusion flavours are always surprising to our palate, Bahari attracts us with a promise of innovative complex flavours in a comfortable setting.

Hold on while we book our flights to #visitmelbourne because we’re excessively hungry after all this exotic food talk!


Written By Fatema Lakdawala.