We Tried Rice Bran Oil & We Loved It

By Sama Ankolkar January 16, 2019
Healthy Cooking with Riso Oil

Working in catering, I’ve always been worried about the kind of oil I use for my clients. We are now living in an age where health has become the biggest trend, as is eating well. In an Indian household, the consumption of oil is usually on the higher side in comparison to the rest of the world because of the structure of our cuisine. Since one can’t change this completely, what makes more sense is to shift to a healthier oil, which offers some wholesome benefits. However, I found  a healthier and wiser option in the form of Riso’s Rice Bran Oil.

A good cooking oil not only adds life to most common foods but also plays a pivotal role in your health. Excessive use of refined oil has known to affect cholesterol levels negatively and cause heart diseases. It’s always advised to choose a physically refined oil. Not many oils are filtered this way, but physically refined rice bran oil retains most of the natural nutrients like Oryzanol, Vit E which are great anti-oxidants that help improve HDL & LDL balance. Along with this, it also has other natural micro-nutrients like Omega 3 & 6.

Very unique to Rice Bran oil is its fat profile. WHO and AHA recommend using an oil which has a fat profile ratio of SFA:MUFA:PUFA :: 1:1.5:1.  Rice Bran Oil comes quite close to this ratio what this means is that you get adequate benefits of all these elements, without having the need to change your oil regularly.

The oil is extracted from the bran of rice which is the nutritious layer that is removed during the polishing of brown rice. Yes, this is the same layer that makes unpolished cereals healthier than polished ones. Imagine how wholesome the oil extracted from this light bran would be.

With this research, I switched to a quality brand within the Rice bran oils. Riso Rice Bran oil is one I switched to since I get the assurance of not just the benefits but also of great quality. And if you thought things couldn’t get better than this, Riso has a neutral taste which doesn’t get in the way of
cooking and lets the ingredients be the hero of the dish I’m making, especially in salad dressings
and can be used for grilling and sautéing. The high smoke point makes it great to deep fry or shallow fry foods because it maintains its nutritive quality even at high temperatures. It is really light and can be used in a very versatile manner.

I have used Riso to deep fry and what I love about it is the fact that the oil doesn’t stick to food, making it lighter to eat and not too heavy on the palette. The lack of the after taste
of oil when we prepare dishes that tend to be on the heavier side is a great plus point. It is
much appreciated by people whether health conscious or not, so then why not use
something that just helps us all? Also, because it can be produced in India itself, it comes from produce that is not genetically modified.

Considering the number of benefits from it naturally retained nutrients and other qualities of the oil I truly believe Riso to be the wholesome choice.

Food and enhanced flavors and palatability, I see why there is a high rise in the consumption of rice bran oil in recent years. Given all the advantages, I would recommend shifting to Riso just to see how your food turns out, making your family or you quite happy.