The Riverside Rose , Juhu | New Opening

By Nidhi Mehra February 20, 2018
Riverside Cafe, Juhu

Ever wanted to just sit on a small cafe table, stare out the windows at the bustling street as you sip on your cup of coffee, immersed deep in thoughts, and just get transported to the streets of Paris in Mumbai? We have and that’s what you can expect when you plan to dine at The Riverside Rose in Juhu.

This newly opened French style cafe stands to prove that Mumbaikars have indeed opened their taste buds to exploring more cuisines.

Located next to Hotel Sea Princess in Juhu, this small French style cafe has pleasant interiors and the moment you step in you will be captivated by the soothing French tunes playing in the background, the dessert bar and the huge chandelier on the ceiling. It’s a small cafe and we wouldn’t suggest that it’s a fine dining experience you can expect here, but what you can expect is some traditional Italian, European and Tuscan food served by a friendly staff.

When you take a look at the menu, you know you’re in for something different and the entire
ambience creates a mood for a memorable meal.

They serve salads, soups, appetizers, pastas,sandwiches, some great traditional mains,
beverages and desserts.


We started our meal with their Creamy Chicken Soup having the perfect balance of garlic
and olive biscotti flavours and this NEEDS to be on your table! It was perfectly warm,
wholesome and felt like a hug!

If you are a Bruschetta fan, you must come here!. We went for the Garlic and Tomato
Bruschetta, four large pieces of crisp, crunchy toasted bread topped with tomatoes,
slathered with butter and having just the right amount of seasoning.

Creamy Chicken Soup & Garlic Tomato Bruschetta at The Riverside Cafe, Juhu

Creamy Chicken Soup & Garlic Tomato Bruschetta at The Riverside Rose, Juhu

Their Italian Button Mushrooms loaded with cheese were blended with herbs and were

For the mains we ordered the most appealing dish on the menu- The Lemon Fish
Threesome– a lemon, herb, and garlic fish served with some wasabi mashed potatoes, and
blanched asparagus and it was quite satisfying, though the only disappointing bit was that
the mashed potatoes were stale!

Their French Chocolate was steaming hot and while sipping on it, for the first time we
realized that it cut us off from the rush of the city life for sometime and relaxed us a lot.
Sometimes it’s not just the big things that make us stop and wonder but it’s also something
so simple yet enriching like sipping a hot cup of cocoa.

Their Aglio-E- Olio Spaghetti looked colorful and we couldn’t wait to devour our personal
favourite pasta dish and even though we liked it quite a bit, the salt could have been more

For Desserts we tried the tempting Hazelnut Praline with fresh strawberries inside and
and were quite excited when we saw it as it looked really pretty , but sadly it did not have a
proper proportion of the sugar content and could have been better if it was less sweeter. We also really wanted to try the Tiramisu and were pretty disappointed when they told us that it
sets only after 5 PM. So if you love a good Tiramisu, head there only after 5 PM!

A very interesting fact about them is that they import their chocolates from Belgium which they use to bake their desserts and they have their own brand of soothing teas, scented
candles and more.

P.S.- Their cutesy two-seater arrangement and their traditional European Food fits for a
date night!