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By Devika Pathak April 16, 2018
Coffee from Roasted Today

Wake up and smell the coffee! Roasted Today are third wave coffee micro-roasters who are fanatical about great coffee. With Indians drinking more coffee than ever before, you can be sure that caffeine fiends are always on the lookout for the perfect cup. Well, Roasted Today believes that theirs might be where your search ends, they feature 8 domestic, 4 international and 1 decaf coffee on their menu. We caught up with Co-Founder Rizwan Amlani and learnt a little bit about Roasted Today and a lot about coffee.

Rizwan Amlani, Co-Founder Roasted Today

Rizwan Amlani, Co-Founder Roasted Today.

What made you decide to start Roasted Today? How are you different from all the other coffee roasters that seem to be cropping up?

Before I got into coffee, I was a chef in NYC for about 7 years. During a stint at Daniel Bolloud’s Gastric Bar, I had stumbled into the world of third wave coffee. Coffee already held a special place in my life because of a lot of my brother Riyaaz Amlani’s earlier outlets were heavily coffee centric (I mean, it was called ‘Mocha’!). We started messing around with different beans and roasts, I began to feel that putting everything I learnt as a chef to work as a roaster seemed to my true calling. That’s when Roasted Today was born.

We (myself and co-founder Nitu Pohoomul) decided very early on that we wanted to emphasise freshness as the key. Unlike other places that do 15 kg roasts once a week, we do 500 gram batches in our roaster, daily. Each roast is done individually and with a lot of care and attention, this gives us the ability to customise roasts for people. Third wave coffee is here to stay, custom roasts just felt like the next logical step.

Tell us a bit about coffee drinking culture in India?

Coffee culture in India is primarily espresso based. We’ve been drinking cold coffee for decades and now cappuccinos and their cold variants dominate mainly because of their accessibility and familiarity. There are a few coffee loving factions though. There’s the connoisseurs, a small but dedicated bunch that are only awake after they’ve brewed and sipped their first cuppa. Then there’s the people that drink coffee only when they’re out. We’re grateful for these two groups because they keep us alive and kicking with their support. But we’re also very interested in this middle group of people that like coffee but can’t figure out why or what makes it good. That’s why we want to make coffee education a huge part of what we do at Dope Coffee Roasted Today (the name of our outlets). We were all there at one point, and it’s a great feeling to help someone in their discovery of food and drink. I find it really nurturing, personally.

Roasted Today at Flea Bazaar Cafe, Oasis City

Roasted Today at Flea Bazaar Cafe, Oasis City

What are your signature blends and what makes them so special?

As of now we have two. ‘Dark Matter’ is our signature espresso blend. Made to be had as is or in a variety of milk based drinks with a nice dark, caramel and musty flavour. The other signature blend we do is our Cold Brew Blend, which took months to create. For the uninitiated, cold brew is coffee made by steeping beans in cold water. It’s got a much mellower, rounded flavour than a hot cup but with a pretty solid caffeine content. It makes for a great summer brew, considering Mumbai’s dreaded heat. I wanted our cold brew to have a strong cacao finish with some hints of vanilla so it took quite a bit to put that together. The result came out spectacular, even if I do say so myself!

Other than those two, we also do eight single origin single estate coffees from some of the best coffee plantations in India. Swarnagiri (aka Golden Mountain Estate) is a plantation that’s over five generations old! We also do Kalladevarapura, which is one of India’s most popular estates. And we’re the only people to have our hands on the elusive Monsooned Malabar AAA, an uber rare, flavourful coffee that tastes like the first rain (no joke!).

Roasted Today's Coffee Roaster at Versova Social

Roasted Today’s Coffee Roaster at Versova Social

What is the best way to drink your coffee?

Any way you want. As long as the beans are fresh and the brew is right, it’s a cup worth drinking. Life’s too short to drink stale coffee.

Roasted Today has various brewing equipments.

Roasted Today has various brewing equipments.

Finally, how can we get our hands on a bag of beans?

We’re currently available out of two outlets. We’ve set up a space on the ground floor of Versova Social with our micro roaster that roasts every day. Orders can be placed for bags and even individual cups with several manual brewing methods to boot. The second outlet is at Flea Bazaar Cafe that serves up coffee everyday between 10am to 1 am. Bags can be picked up from there too!

Roasted Today at Versova Social

Roasted Today at Versova Social