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By Mallika Dabke April 23, 2018
Silver Beach Cafe, Lokhandwala

Nothing like celebrating Women’s Day with your best work girlfriend. A few weeks ago, a colleague and I decided to treat ourselves to a mid-week brunch at Silver Beach Cafe. Branching out from their Juhu outlet, Silver Beach Cafe has set up in Shastri Nagar, Andheri

The chef behind Silver Beach Cafe Juhu and Andheri, Chef Rohan D’Souza has an illustrious history working on cruise lines in the company of celebrity chefs like Chef Marco Pierre White and Chef James Martin. He brings this sense of international flair and Mediterranean simplicity to his food.

We chose a seat in their gorgeous outside seating area, which was airy, comfortable and green. While we were wary of taking a seat outside owing to the brash sun rays, the entire area is well protected by tall trees and strategically placed coolers. The décor immediately caught my attention- we loved the patterns on their grey and blue tables which call for a picture perfect flat lay – every Instagrammer’s greatest joy!

My colleague and I were starving as we arrived at the cafe and were able to order an item from almost every section of the menu. Our late lunch started with a very breakfast-like Banana Yogurt Berry Smoothie and a White Champagne Raspberry Tea. The thick and wholesome smoothie was an immediate favourite for the both of us – the chilled drink was power-packed with the fresh flavour of berries and banana, and was topped with bits of crunch granola that brought in a textural element. While the White Champagne Raspberry Tea was aromatically engaging, the heat of the afternoon did not entice us into finishing the drink.

Banana Yogurt Berry Smoothie

Banana Yogurt Berry Smoothie

From the small plates section of the menu, we tried their Saffron Potato Gnocchi. The flavours were subtle yet packed a punch with each morsel. Every warm, buttery mouthful felt like a bear hug. The Moroccan BBQ Spiced Potatoes were a pass – there’s a lot one can do with a humble potato, but this preparation wasn’t exciting enough. There are much better options on the menu, like the Fresh Basil Indian Salmon – a platter full of perfectly cooked, soft salmon bites marinated in a pesto of sun-dried tomatoes.

Moroccan BBQ Spiced Potatoes

Moroccan BBQ Spiced Potatoes

For the mains, we ordered a Spicy Chicken & Avocado Burger. The grilled chicken patty was layered with slices of fresh avocado and topped with lemon zest. The combination of the chicken with avocado and the hint of lemon worked like magic, and served as a perfectly sized meal for one.

Spicy Chicken & Avocado Burger

Spicy Chicken & Avocado Burger

For our other main, we went for the Grilled Tiger Prawns with Saffron Coconut Rice and a Tangy Tamarind Sauce. This was definitely our favourite dish! The prawns were plump and cooked to perfection, the coconut rice and tamarind sauce transported us to a Sri Lankan beach shack – a wholesome meal on a plate.

Grilled Tiger Prawns in Saffron Coconut Rice and a Tangy Tamarind Sauce.

Grilled Tiger Prawns with Saffron Coconut Rice and a Tangy Tamarind Sauce.

For dessert, we debated trying out their chocolate fondue but by this point, we were pretty full. Hence, we settled for their dessert of the day – a chocolate mousse cake. The mousse cake was simple, chocolatey and delicious.

The Andheri outlet doesn’t replicate the Juhu menu, but only borrows their best-selling items to create a more concise menu. The Andheri outlet only recently started serving alcohol like the Juhu one, but then again, the vibes of the two outlets are very different – The Juhu Silver Beach Cafe says fancy dinner date night, while the Andheri Silver Beach Cafe says casual and cute lunch date. Soon, the cafe is set to start monthly changing menus inspired from seasonal produce.

Our list of must-haves includes the Banana Yogurt Berry Smoothie, the Saffron Potato Gnocchi and the Grilled Tiger Prawns with Saffron Coconut Rice and a Tamarind Sauce.

The tropical touch to the menu and a colour scheme of the cafe connected us to the chef’s past experiences of working on a cruise liner. Spending my Women’s Day eating this satisfying meal at Silver Beach Cafe was exactly what I was looking for!