Where To Get Your Strawberry Fix | MF Guide

By Nidhi Mehra December 5, 2018
Coffee By Di Bella Has SO Many YUM Strawberry Specials!

December is here and so is my favourite fruit. If there’s one fruit I could live on, it would be the fresh, juicy and sweet strawberry. This delicious fruit is used to prepare a ton of delectable desserts and here are our picks of the best in the city.



I am a sucker for a good cheesecake and always turn to Bastian to satiate my cravings. And, this strawberry season, they have not one but two specials. The first is a decadent Slice Of Strawberry cheesecake, which features a generous amount of fresh strawberries sourced from Mahabaleshwar, paired with cream cheese and topped off with homemade strawberry jam and milk crumbs.

On their brunch menu, you will find their indulgent Old School French Toast with ingredients like strawberry, mulberry, milk crumbs and whipped vanilla cream.

Slice of Strawberry

Slice of Strawberry

Coffee By Di Bella

Multiple Outlets

The folks at Coffee By Di Bella will make sure you have a berry berry good time this strawberry season. They have a menu straight out of strawberry heaven with strawberry waffles, sundaes, freakshakes, milkshakes and more!

If healthy eating is your jam, don’t fret! They have a Strawberry Granola Smoothie too.

My favourite was their Strawberry Cold Spanish Latte that combines the goodness of strawberries with the happiness of coffee and is simply heavenly!

Strawberry Cold Spanish Latte

Strawberry Cold Spanish Latte

Farmer’s Cafe


Look no further than Farmers Cafe, for strawberry treats, for every kind of diet! This season, find all your healthy, keto-friendly, vegan and gluten-free strawberry treats here. On their seasonal menu, they have: Strawberry Chocolate Cake, Strawberry Tapioca Pudding, Strawberry Oatmeal Muffins and the keto-friendly Strawberry Trifle Jar and Strawberry Cheesecake. 

Drooling over these healthy strawberry treats.

Drooling over these healthy strawberry treats.

Hello Guppy


This Japanese restaurant in BKC has an ongoing Yum Cha festival and have added a strawberry special tea to their menu. Named Berry Cha, this tea is loaded with flavours of fresh strawberries, pressed blueberries and fizz. Sip away!

Deliciae Patisserie


Chef Bunty Mahajan loves strawberries as much as we do and he has created a wide variety of strawberry-based desserts at Deliciae Patisserie. Try desserts like the Rich Chocolate Strawberry Eggless, White Chocolate Strawberry, Strawberry and Cream Cake, Strawberry Meringue, Strawberry Mousse Cake, Strawberry Banoffee Pie and many, many more. They have eggless and sugar-free options too.

Rich Dark Chocolate Strawberry Cake

Rich Dark Chocolate Strawberry Cake

Poetry By Love And Cheesecake

Kala Ghoda, Kamala Mills, Bandra, Juhu

Pretty cafe interiors, coffee and desserts hand-crafted to perfection – just a few reasons why I keep going back to Poetry.

They have gone all out with strawberries, with a ton of salad options, parfait, crepes, croissants and desserts of course. I will be heading there soon for some strawberry pancakes and a luscious strawberry smoothie.

Poetry Has A Ton Of Strawberry Dishes To Try!

Poetry Has A Ton Of Strawberry Dishes To Try!



If you ever find yourself missing Mahabaleshwar’s fresh strawberry and cream combination, head right over to Bomberry for their Bomberry Strawberry Cream. I just tried their dreamy combination of strawberry and Oreo with whipped cream and can’t stop thinking about it. Also, they make a mean strawberry milkshake that you’re going to want to order. 

Haji Ali Juice Centre


Long drives to South Bombay are always made sweeter with a bowl of rich fruit cream from Haji Ali. Offering all varieties from sitaphal cream to the season’s favourite strawberry cream, don’t judge yourself if you wipe off a few bowls alone here.

 Strawberry patrons, you know where to get your strawberry fix now.