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By Sanjana Subramanian November 1, 2018
Chilled Brewed Beers From Susegado!

Few things in life are as synonymous with Goa as a chilled brew. The mere mention of the word Goa brings to life images of the beach, the sun and a drink, enjoyed with your good ol’ gang. 

Adding on to this is Susegado, a craft brewery that believes that the best brews are crafted over time, without any hurry. The word ‘susegado’ quite literally means the unhurried pursuit of happiness and that again, echoes perfectly with the team’s belief. We had a quick chat with Susegado’s founder and master brewer Aditya Challa and here’s what he has to say about his brainchild.

Need some beer to beat the heat in Goa? Check out Susegado beers!

Need some beer to beat the heat in Goa? Check out Susegado beers!

Take us through your story — how you started, your journey so far, etc.

The idea of starting a craft brewery began ten years ago, when I was studying brewing in Edinburgh. Market conditions and regulations didn’t make the project feasible at the time, so I moved to Singapore to start a microbrewery (Jungle Beer) there. That was when the craft brewing scene began to take off. I moved to Goa in early 2015 to rekindle the dream and happened upon three friends who had a similar dream. We’ve been happily brewing in Goa ever since April 2017, and serving our brews as well.

Tell us a little about the brewery.

We are a 10HL brewery – each batch is a 1,000 litres. The brewhouse is a premier stainless stem system from San Diego. The mash tun is only insulated, but I’m quite happy with just single infusion mashes so I don’t really miss a steam jacket. The other three vessels are jacketed with steam or glycol as appropriate.

The cellar consists of 9,000 litres of fermentation capacity, all unitanks, in which we ferment and from which we keg. We don’t have any bright beer tanks at the moment, but we might add them in the future.

The kegs are stored between 3C-5C in our cold room until they are delivered to the thirty or so bars around Goa. We use kegerators at every bar, so the beer never becomes warm from the moment it leaves the unit until it’s served in your glass or pitcher. The beer remains just as fresh as it was at the brewery itself!

The brewery

The brewery

What’s your favourite thing about what you do?

Believe me when I say that I love all aspects of the brewing process. I even enjoy the cleaning and sanitisation of tanks! There is a sense of anticipation from the minute the malt is milled, up until it’s time to try a sample that makes you smile. Nothing gets kegged without the smile.

What do you think people are looking for today from a homegrown brewery such as yours?

The craft beer market in India has been evolving over the last decade. The general global trend is to try and incorporate local ingredients in the beer. A few breweries in the more evolved craft beer markets of Bangalore and Pune have responded to this by experimenting with local millets. Fewer still have had any degree of success, beyond the obvious marketing benefits.

Craft beer from Susegado!

Craft beer from Susegado!

Our goal in Goa is to use the best possible ingredients from around the world and create world-class, flavourful beers. We have experimented with local ingredients such as kokum, and unsold poie, but so far none of these have resulted in a beer that we are happy to sell. The closest thing we have to local is Ratnagiri mangoes from across the border. This goes into our wheat beer.

What is the key message you want the brand to be giving out?

Susegado celebrates the beauty of Goa and the global melting pot that it has become. Our beers are meant to be sipped at leisure and with a slight tip of the hat to the Portuguese heritage.

What is it that you do differently from the rest?

We absolutely do not hurry – neither in our brewing process, nor in our marketing. We make beer like it would have been made a couple of centuries ago – no filtration, no pasteurization, no addition of finings or anything else that isn’t absolutely necessary. The three modern aspects are the water filtration system, refrigeration systems, and effluent treatment system. Since we are in a populated area in the tropics, we do not want to waste water.

What are some of the ingredients used in your brews and what are the flavour varieties available?

An English Pale Ale, a Tropical Wheat (with Ratnagiri mangoes) and a Dortmund Lager are the three varieties that we have available through the year. We have a few collaborations in the works, and will soon be launching the first one with Gunpowder restaurant. It will be exclusively available at their Assagao outlet.

Varieties of beers from Susegado!

Varieties of beers from Susegado!

How does one sign up for a tour, if any?

We do offer an exclusive Airbnb experience for groups. We take you around the brewery, showing you how we brew a batch of 1000 litres. We also discuss beer recipe designs once the mash is in and of course, enjoy a couple of pints along with lunch. The experience is priced at INR 3,000 per person.
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The team at Susegado!

The team at Susegado!

A brewery that uses live music to entertain the yeast and offers exclusive Airbnb day tours. We think they’re doing everything right to offer you an authentic, craft brew experience. Don’t you?