We’re A Nation That’s In Love With Food And Swiggy Has Proof!

By Sanjana Subramanian September 25, 2018
Food Delivery Is A Food Trend Today. Image Source: faking news.com

Our country’s love affair with food is no secret. This means that you will find all the latest food trends from around the world trickling into India soon after. From avocado toast to quinoa bowls, we’ve caught onto the trending food train, and fast!

Mumbai in particular, has always been the city that is open to experimentation, perhaps even cherishing it. In fact, Mumbai as a city was one of the first to adapt to delivery giant Swiggy within mere days or weeks of the app’s launch. No surprises there!

We went behind the scenes with Swiggy to discover what it is that makes us and our love for food, tick. Mr. Srivats TS, VP Marketing at Swiggy, had a lot to share, like the fact that Mumbaikars spend the most on chocolate as compared to other cities and winters see an increase in waffle and pastry sales.

So, what exactly can Swiggy tell you about the country’s favourite food? Can it tell you something about your city’s food preferences? We’re not revealing it right away. Read on to know more!

What is the highest ordered food item on Swiggy this year?

Chicken biryani remains India’s ‘national treasure’ and the most ordered dish on Swiggy. Overall across India, North Indian cuisine followed by Chinese seems to be the most preferred taste, scoring high on orders from every part of the nation. Chicken biryani, mutton biryani, butter naan, masala dosa and dal makhani make up the top five dishes ordered across the country.

Biryani? More like Bae-riyani!

Biryani? More like Bae-riyani!

What is the most highly searched food item on Swiggy this year?

Good old pizza continues to be the most searched-for food item in Mumbai and across all states. In fact, Mumbaikars have searched for pizza over five lakh times on the platform in the last 12 months. Pizza is closely followed by burgers and chicken as they form the top three most searched items across all cities.

But First: PIZZAAH!

But First: PIZZAAH!

What are the trends you have seen in the market in terms of ordering patterns, customer behaviour, food trends, etc.?

Deterred by urban challenges of traffic and parking, Indians, are turning to Swiggy to enjoy meals in the comfort of their homes. As a market leader and category creator, Swiggy has been making online food ordering and delivery integral to the lives of consumers by playing a pivotal role in changing the way India eats.

Over the last year, India has witnessed a growing appetite for both domestic and international cuisines. However, a majority stayed true to desi food items and continued to order in favourites like biryanis, masala dosa and dal makhani.

Further, ever since Swiggy launched a pre-order option called Swiggy Scheduled, we are seeing more and more users scheduling their meals. This is especially for those time-pressed working professionals and party planners who not only love a great meal but also want the assurance that it will reach their tables on time.

What do you think the future holds for such food delivery apps? What does the scope for expansion look like? 

As the market leader and category creator, we are trying to introduce highly differentiated service offerings, making online food ordering and delivery more seamless and reliable. Besides adding to our service offering, we are also rapidly expanding to newer cities. We are currently present in 22 cities, Dehradun, Mysore and Pondicherry being the latest additions. Our delivery is the largest in the country with over 70,000 delivery partners and these numbers are only growing. We believe the food delivery market will grow manifold in the next few years and restaurants will work closely with players like Swiggy to cater to that demand and expand the market.

As per your statistics, do the people of Mumbai seem to be an experimental food population, willing to try something new?

Swiggy’s order analysis revealed that while local dishes always come first in every region, Indians also enjoy crossover dishes from other regions of the country. We are noticing that Mumbaikars, being the most experimental lot are ordering in cuisines like Continental, South Indian, Mexican, Italian, Chettinad, American and Arabian food items as well.

Tacos For Lunch?

Tacos For Lunch?

What is the highest ordered dessert item on Swiggy this year?

Death by Chocolate is the unanimous favorite across most cities. This scrumptious dish is ordered almost a 100% more than the next item on the list! It is also the most preferred chocolate dish in Bangalore while Mumbai binges on chocolate waffles. Hot chocolate fudge sundaes make Delhi tick, while Chennai keeps it cool with their all-time favorite chocolate milkshake.

Death By Chocolate. Image Source

Death By Chocolate. Image Source

Clearly, there’s a lot more to your favourite food app than meets the eye! So, the next time you hit search on the app for your favourite double cheese burst margherita, you may just remember that somebody a few states away, is calling for the exact same thing, at the exact same time! Fascinating, no?