Summer Sundowner This Weekend!

By Partner April 21, 2017
Indulge in light, creamy Pavlovas at The Palate Sundowner!

We’re all set to host our first ever rooftop sundowner.

The Palate Culinary Academy at Linking Road is run by chef Rakhee Vaswani and her team. As part of this weekend’s Sundowner, master classes will be held on both the days, covering Tea Time Cakes – summer special cupcakes, mojito cupcakes, and more, Appetizers – tacos, hummus & pita, soups, and salads, a variety of Artisian Bread with dips, Continental delights – pastas and burgers, and Gourmet Seafood – stir-fry crab, grilled salmon, steam seabass, and red curry prawns.

The Academy’s terrace will be used for food, dessert, and fashion stalls, all based on a summer theme. Fashion stalls include classy footwear by Eridani, a mix of bags, clutches, and accessories by August Line, a choice of fine cinnamon from Sri Lanka by Chatoor, and a range of earrings, chokers, and other accessories by Asana.

Our focus, of course, is a bit more on the food, drinks, and desserts. Here’s what you can expect to see all over our social media this weekend!

Cool Story


Summer lovin’! Image: Purnima Nath, Zomato

No Sundowner is complete without drinks, and we have special Frozen Mocktails from Cool Story. These frocktails include Summer in a Glass – lemonade, alphonso mango, peach & basil, and Summer Funk – lemonade, alphonso mango & strawberry.

With produce from Mahabaleshwar and a wave of nostalgia, the team at Bomberry are ready for their first ever event in Mumbai. Expect fresh creams, shakes, and desserts. We recommend the Mulberry Cream, Choco-Waffle Cup, and Mango Shake.

Coney Island
A crowd-pleasing, convenient way to serve a pizza is by putting the sauce and cheese in a cone. Coney Island bakes these pizza cones, and then offers flavours like Chilly Cheese, BBQ Sausage, Meat Lover’s, and Spicy Chicken/Paneer Tikka.

We recommend the Sriracha Chicken and Three Cheese Margherita pizza cones.

The Stick House
If you don’t know this place already, you’re living in a shameful, carbohydrate-free cave. Get a chance to try these potato tornadoes in a range of different sauces, of which our in-house favourite is Dynamite. Ps – if you’re not going to Snapchat this, what are you going to Snapchat?

It’s possible the name explains that burgers made out of soft, fluffy pita bread is what PitaBurg’s all about. We’re talking Mutton Seekh Kheema, Paneer Kebab, and Chicken Kheema Pita Sandwiches, all of which make us as happy as the summer allows mere mortals.

This dessert pop-up specializes in creamy Pavlovas, and you’ll get to try seasonal favourites like Mango-Nutella and Mango Tiramisu, among other flavours.

See you this weekend at The Palate Sundowner. Get more deets here.