Trattoria’s Pizza – Now Available For Home Delivery!

By Mumbai Foodie December 2, 2016
Trattoria pizza now comes home. Image:

One of the unsaid rules of clubbing and going out late at night in South Bombay is dropping into Trattoria for a fantastic pizza after. This coffee shop and pizzeria of nearly legendary status remains popular across generations, making it one of Mumbai’s most beloved casual spots for a comforting midnight meal.

The good news though, is that you can now order Trattoria’s delightful 9 and 12-inch pizzas via Scootsy. You can also get Pasta, Hand Made Pasta, and classic comfort food like Risotto from the special delivery menu.

We recommend Capricciosa Pizza (mushrooms, black olives, bell peppers) from the vegetarian pizzas and the Mistro Mare Pizza (topped with assorted seafood) or the Trattoria Pizza (ham, salami, sausages, chicken and prawns).

While we’re most excited about Trattoria, food from its Vivanta by Taj President neighbours is also available on Scootsy. Order delicious curries from Thai Pavillion or the wide range of coastal food from Konkan Cafe.

Which of these restaurants are you going to order from next? Tell us in the comments!