While Away Your Time At The Wine Rack | New Opening

By Mumbai Foodie January 18, 2018
The Wine wall at The Wine Rack, High Street Phoenix.

High Street Phoenix has been home to many of our favorite eateries and The Wine Rack is no exception to what seems to be an abode to quirky restaurants that put together fun and food.

A menu set by the ever so talented Chef Sarah Todd (yes, we all know the beauty from the Masterchef Australia Season 6) joined by Executive Chef Himanil Khosla and restauranteur Ashish Dev Kapur who bring finesse to the table, have made this entrée to an existing list of appetising restaurants very appealing.

Within seconds of entering from the world of bustling shoppers, you are welcomed into the domain of friendly wine and aromas of food that spell home. The barrel warmly invites you to the wine selection of the week, where you can taste, pair and select what you would like to enjoy your meal with. The seating in this area of the restaurant is open to a casual lunch, while you can walk around and select your wine from the aptly named restaurant. The wooden interiors, the community table and the private booths welcome an intimate date, post office venters, a long-due catch up or a full-on celebration. With over 300 labels to choose from, the list of wines paired with familiar foods helps to overcome the usual stigma of wine being limited to a celebratory or refined dinner, making it a comfortable drink to enjoy your meal with.

The Kulchas at The Wine Rack are Chef Sarah Todd's take on Indian street food.

The Kulchas at The Wine Rack are Chef Sarah Todd’s take on Indian street food.

We broke into our meal with a crispy, buttery Karari Roti and we couldn’t stop cracking through it till the end of our meal. It is one of those things that you cannot stop munching, no matter how much you try. Had with a light Rose, well-seasoned and salted, this was a straight up hit. We moved on to the Soft Shell Crab Pakora, which probably defines Sarah Todds’ take on adding new world cuisine to Indian street food. Had with a spicy pomello salad, this went down quite well as well. The Sun-dried tomato kulchas with the sriracha hummus for the vegetarians is tied with the amazing Duck kulchas which we will be definitely visiting again for more.

The Prosciutto Gorgonzola with roasted pear, basil, rocket and parmesan pizza.

The Prosciutto Gorgonzola with roasted pear, basil, rocket and parmesan pizza.

Sweet with the robust wine flavored duck correctly salted with the gorgonzolo cheese has hit home with all bursting flavors. The Chicken Scallion momo is a quirky to the eye and once turned around, you’re in for a balance of a pan fried and steamed momo which is unusual, yet appeasing to a sensitive palette. The star of the small plates, however, are the Goat Cheese Churros with a truffle cream and chilli dip. While sipping on your wine, these savory churros are something that you would want to return for without a doubt.

Can't say no to a Mushroom Risotto accompanied by a glass of wine.

Can’t say no to a Mushroom Risotto accompanied by a glass of wine.

The Wine Rack offers a range of pizzas and pastas as well, giving us a wide menu to choose from. The prosciutto pizza served to us was well balanced in terms of flavor, however, if you prefer a thin-crust, you might like to mention that to the courteous , ready to help staff. The Nasi Goreng with the cottage cheese steak is complimented with rice crackers but you do miss the hint of gravy if just had alone. We absolutely loved the Goan Sauage and bhut jolokia risotto. The pungent flavors of the Goan favorite along with the spice of the ghost peppers serve surprisingly well in a creamy risotto, again applauding the bold innovation of the chef’s passion for experimentation.

The best part about a pavlova is cracking it!

The best part about a pavlova is cracking it!

Ending our meal with the sensuous Chocolate Mousse with the crunchy Pavlova highlighted our entire experience at The Wine Rack, because lets face it, nothing bids adieu better than a phenomenal dessert.


The Chocolate Chilli Mousse by The Wine Rack

The Chocolate Chilli Mousse by The Wine Rack


To sum it up for you, High Street Phoenix has another feather to add to its cap; wines from all over the world along with a delightful menu that has a punch of flavor, oodles of zest, retaining old world charm with today’s urban spirit, The Wine Rack has the potential to become an adda to our metropolitan resident as well as a go-to to celebrate any date. With such an extensive menu, we sure are planning our next trip soon.


Written by Sama Ankolkar.